Faculty Councils

Faculty Councils

Each Faculty/School has a Faculty Council comprised of:

  • all tenured, tenurable and term-certain faculty
  • elected part-time faculty representatives from the departments/programs in the Faculty/School
  • student representatives appointed by the Students’ Association
  • student representatives appointed by the Dean in consultation with the Chairs
  • an elected non-academic staff member

The Faculty Councils are chaired by the Dean/Director; the Associate Dean serves as the Vice-Chair, where applicable. The President and the Provost and Vice-President, Academic are ex officio members of all Faculty Councils.

A Faculty Council is responsible for the affairs of the Faculty/School. It approves and/or recommends submissions of courses and programs, assessments and outcomes, program admission requirements, and academic standing.

Faculty Councils normally meet at least four times per academic year. Meetings are open to non-members from within the Mount Royal community. Agendas are distributed to members of Deans’ Council.

For more information on particular Faculty Councils and their meeting schedules, please contact the appropriate Dean’s office.