Community Partners

Community partners

Mount Royal is committed to creating partnerships with community organizations that will provide opportunities for student learning while contributing to the community, both local and global. The following form will let enable us to start the process of working with faculty to develop a Service Learning project for your organization. Community Service Learning (CSL) courses - This form of CSL integrates service to the community with specific course curriculum. At present, we have CSL courses in most faculties at Mount Royal. The hands-on, practical experience in the community allows students to gain a deeper understanding of course content as it applies to local and international contexts. A typical structure for CSL courses requires students to engage with community partners individually or in groups for a minimum of 2 hours per week for the duration of 8-10 weeks in an academic term. Inter-disciplinary projects, which engage students from a number of faculties may also be developed.

If you are a community partner seeking to connect with MRU, please contact Christian Cook, MRU Community Service Learning Facilitator, at or 403.440.8432.