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Community Service Learning Citation

MRU recognizes Community Service Learning as a high impact teaching practice that offers students the opportunity to make a positive impact in local and global communities through a hands-on course based experience. Professors at MRU have employed CSL as a teaching pedagogy for more than twenty years through community based projects where students apply academic theories and processes. Community organizations work with professors to develop deep learning experiences that address real-world challenges and opportunities.

In an effort to recognize student engagement MRU has develop a CSL Citation that is shown as a co-curricular record in the student transcript. The Citation demonstrates that a student has significantly integrated CSL into their postsecondary education by completing three courses for a minimum of nine credits in courses that are designated as employing community engagement. CSL designated courses entail at least twenty hours of community service, and are worth at least 15% of each course grade. The range of courses offered is varied, with some offering shorter projects and others structured as a 100% of the grade in a project that lasts the entire term.

MRU faculty and students demonstrated a strong commitment to learning in the community during the 2015-2016 academic year, with 2,500 students providing over 300,000 hours with 475 community partners in 45 courses (some have up to 16 sections and 400 students) engaged in CSL last year. CSL courses are offered across the disciplines, and are available in every faculty. Almost 300 students received the CSL Citation when they graduated in June 2016, with 400 anticipated for this academic year.

Your professor will advise if you are registered in a CSL course, or you can refer to the attached list to identify potential courses. If you are graduating in Nursing, Public Relations, Information Design program, or the new Child Studies degree, you will automatically receive the Citation on your transcript as your program contains three CSL designated courses. All other students should send an e-mail to the Registrar's Office when they complete their third CSL designated course, identifying the three courses, at

If you have any questions contact Christian Cook at .

Student Experiences and Examples

View the work of Mount Royal biology students engaged in CSL with community partners:

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Example 2

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