Victoria Calvert

Victoria Calvert photo

Victoria is a Full Professor at Mount Royal University in Canada. Her teaching philosophy supports learning through service, with her students providing over 74,000 hours of service to the community since 1996 through several different business courses. Of note are the efforts of students in a leadership course who promoted the sustainability of the isolated hill-tribe peoples of the Philippines by funding schools, medical missions, greenhouses, and gardens. Her most recent CSL course was in the Cook Islands where students completed CSL projects for community agencies and businesses while employing a wide range of marketing, IT and strategic communication skills.

Victoria has been awarded the Teaching Excellence by the Student Association, and the Distinguished Faculty award from Mount Royal University. She is also an internationally recognized scholar of CSL, having presented over a dozen conferences, and published eight journal articles regarding the topic. She is currently assigned to ADC to work with faculty, students, and community partners for curriculum development and CSL research.