Gilles Mossière

Gilles Mossiere

Course: FREN 3342 Francophone Canada

This course will explore the many facets - historical, sociological, cultural, legal - of francophone communities throughout Canada. This course will be taught in French at an intermediate level of proficiency (prerequisite or co-requisite: FREN 2235). It will include a Community Service Learning component that will allow students to familiarize themselves with the Calgary francophone community, and improve their oral and written skills in the process.

The CSL component will be done in one of the various Calgary Francophone associations or organizations that the instructor will present to students. This component will be done individually or in a group (maximum of three students), and involve a minimum of six hours of effective contact between students and the chosen association/organization. Planning and preparatory work are not included in these six hours. The role of the instructor for that component will be to help students prepare for their chosen CSL placement, and facilitate/mediate the six hours that they spend with the chosen association/organization.

Assessment: Evaluation of student work in the CSL context will take two forms: 1) a minimum of a five-page double-spaced report by students describing and their placement experience and reflecting on it, and 2) an in-class presentation of that report followed by a discussion with other students.