Roberta Lexier

bio_default Course: GNED 3030 Global Communities and Societies

This course is an international field school offered through the department of General Education. It is a shell course that, depending on the faculty member who offers it, will address different themes and travel to different locations. The current iteration of the course travels to Honduras and addresses the themes of global connections, cultural interactions, and social problems/social change. All offerings of the course include a significant Community Service Learning (CSL) component, and a large part of the on-the-ground experience is CSL activity.

Students participate in a number of programs with different non-profit organizations and informal community groups. They will have to reflect on these experiences and how they contribute to social change. They will also have to provide feedback and suggestions to the partners on the ground. Students will participate in approximately 50 hours of community service work when traveling to international locations, and assignments related to the CSL component comprise approximately 60% of the course grade.