Mount Royal University Cardholder’s Agreement

Use of the Card:

The Mount Royal ONECard is the official identification card for students, employees, alumni, contracted services personnel, Mount Royal Recreation members and the general public who use the many services provided by Mount Royal University. The ONECard can be used as a Library card, Mount Royal Recreation card, as an access card for offices and computer labs and a form of payment for campus services.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Produce your ONECard upon request by University representatives as a means of official identification and when using the available services on campus (e.g. Library, Mount Royal Recreation, Academic Services, etc.). 
  2. Be responsible for the care of your ONECard and pay a $20.00 fee to replace a card that is damaged.
  3. Report a lost or stolen OneCard immediately online or to the ONECard office and pay a replacement fee of $20.00. (The replacement fee will be waived if you provide a photocopy of a Calgary Police Service report.) Replacement of a card when there is a change in the cardholder status or name is free; however, the old card must be presented in exchange.
  4. Surrender your ONECard if requested by Security Services or the OneCard office.
  5. Students: Once you have been issued a ONECard you do not need a replacement card when you enroll for a new semester. ONECard remain active as long as you have an active student status.
  6. Use your ONECard to access University services (e.g. Library, Mount Royal Recreation, Computer labs etc.) according to the policies of the department. Failure to comply with the codes of conduct of these departments could result in a loss of privileges. 
  7. Your digital photograph will be stored in University systems (e.g. Card production, Residence, Security) and printed on the front of your ONECard .
  8. Your ONECard is non-transferable and only you can use it for any of the available services. Your ONECard will be subject to forfeiture if presented by anyone other than you.
  9. The University is not responsible for any loss or expense resulting from the loss, theft, or misuse of your ONECard.
  10. Your ONECard will be forfeited and surrendered to Security Services or the ONECard office if there is any evidence of tampering, fraud, abuse or other improper use. Any illegal activity involving your ONECard could be subject to criminal charges.


Privacy Policy:

The personal information that you provide is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act [section 33(c)] and the Post-Secondary Learning Act [section 65(a)].