• Student Leader

Kira Hessel

Kira is a recent Bachelor of Science graduate who spent many of her years at MRU as a student leader. For 3 years she worked for Residence Services as a Resident Advisor. She also volunteered her time with New Student Orientation and New Student Registration helping new students navigate university and campus life. She still currently works for Residence Services over at the front desk. During her free time, Kira enjoys grabbing a bite and catching up with friends and family.

Program Abstract:

Engagement is an emotional involvement or commitment of an interaction between a student and their institution intended to optimize the overall student experience. Engagement impacts 3 things as a student leader: your ability to grow as a leader, other leaders or students around you, and the overall institution. My research aimed to identify the challenges of sustained engagement within a leadership role and how this may impact the ability of a student leader to be successful. This research presentation was built using data collected from interviews with students, student leaders, and professional supervisors from various MRU campus groups. This research suggested that there are many factors impacting engagement levels (burnout, social pressures, differing expectations, etc.). Six key trends were identified: expectation alignment/communication, scope of impact, online environment, individualized experiences, approachability, and the value of student leaders. In turn, this all suggested that student leaders need to be aware of engagement and what it means to their role; they need to be adaptable; and they need to be communicating.