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 Student leadership development is an integral part of a student's success. Mount Royal University is committed to providing students with opportunities to develop as leaders and reach their highest potential. Through a variety of programs, workshops, and events, all students can pursue opportunities they find exciting, meaningful, and rewarding. Choose your own leadership adventure today!



Peer Health Educators

Role Description

Are you interested in educating your classmates about health topics? Do you love to plan events, meet others, come up with creative ideas for marketing and practice healthy behaviours?

If so, we invite you to volunteer as a Peer Health Educator (PHE). You will learn more about important health topics, develop teamwork and communication skills, and implement a variety of educational programming. Gain self-confidence and valuable experience in leadership, project development, marketing and relationship-building as you collaborate with the university community on wellness initiatives. No experience is required, but a passion for promoting health and well-being is essential.

PHEs are student volunteers invested in creating a community where well-being is promoted and encouraged, through:

  • Weekly group meetings that run from September to April, on Tuesday evenings from 5:00- 7:00pm (excluding holidays and final exam periods).
  • Educating peers about services and resources available to MRU students.
  • Presenting health and wellness information in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Attending and organizing special events and awareness weeks.

Commitment: 2-5 hours per week, including a 2 hour team meeting to plan initiatives
Training Requirement: One full day in the Fall and one half-day in the Winter
Recruitment Period: February - August

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2024/25 Application


Resident Advisor

Role Description
Resident Advisors (RAs) are full-time students and part-time student staff members who live within a residence community and provide leadership, resources and support to students while ensuring a safe and respectful residence experience for everyone. The position of Resident Advisor requires an individual who is self-motivated, capable of functioning independently or within a group, possesses exceptional leadership skills, and is willing to commit their efforts to the enhancement of Residence Life.  They help build strong communities which are academic, safe and respectful places for everyone to live and learn. The RA position will train you to hone your skills as a leader and to think critically and respond effectively in difficult situations. Through this role, you will gain valuable transferable skills that you will be able to take with you beyond your university career.

Commitment: On average, 12 hours per week (live-in position)
Training Requirement: 10 days (compensation will be provided)
Recruitment Period: January/February and May/June (as required)

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Residence Activities Council

Role Description
RAC is a student lead organization that creates and facilitates events for students living in residence. RAC provides a premier training ground for the development of student leaders.

Commitment: ~5 hours per month
Training Requirement: none
Recruitment Period: Executive Positions: May/June              General Positions: September

Executive Position Information


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Peer Leader

Role Description
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Peer Leaders will work with equity-seeking groups on campus to promote education and engagement around issues of social justice. The leadership team will have the opportunity to participate in events, lead peer groups, facilitate discussions, provide workshops and presentations, and work individually with other students on campus.

Commitment: 3 hours per week
Training Requirement: Full day training in early fall, plus weekly 1 hour meetings September - April
Recruitment Period: March - May

Full Role Description

Student Orientation Leader

Role Description

As a New Student Orientation Leader, you will be part of a highly functional team dedicated to the success of incoming students. This is a great opportunity for you to refine your leadership skills and meet other fantastic Mount Royal students. There are a variety of roles that you can select based on your interests and strengths. Check-out our Orientation Leader job description for requirements, dates, and deadlines.

Commitment: August - September, 20+ hours depending on involvement

Training Requirement: Mandatory training provided 

Fore more information or to fill out our interest form visit:

Unibuddy Program

Role Description
Are you a passionate and enthusiastic MRU student will excellent communication skills? Mount Royal University is recruiting Unibuddy Ambassadors for Fall 2024! As an Ambassador, you'll engage with prospective students on Unibuddy, answering questions and sharing your MRU insights through blogs. If you're ready to be the face of MRU, apply now and play a key role in welcoming new students, showcasing your passion globally, and developing valuable communication skills.

Commitment: 1-2 hours/week
Training Requirement: 2 hours in-person and 1 hour online
Recruitment: Accepting applications until August 1st, 2024


Peer Learning Program (PLP)

Role Description
Learning Peers support fellow students in learning course-specific content by facilitating a weekly review of class material, engaging participants using active learning strategies, and sharing effective study skills.

Commitment: 2 hours per week (minimum)
Training Requirement: Online modules (4 hours) and an in-person training day (6 hours) (provided)
Recruitment Period: February 15 through March 31. Apply at

Full Role Description
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First Year Mentorship

Role Description
The First-Year Mentorship Program is for any new undergraduate student at Mount Royal University. New students will be matched with a trained upper-year student (mentor) who will help them with their transition through their first-year of university. This program will support new students as they transition into the Winter Semester of their first year from January-March with a wrap-up party before exams in April. Mentors and Mentees will be matched by program or faculty of interest and relevant university goals and experiences.

For more information check out

BMO Indigenous Mentorship

Role Description
Through sharing of cultural tradition and values, the BMO Indigenous Peer Mentorship Program provides peer-to-peer mentorship experiences for Indigenous students at Mount Royal University. Recognizing the importance of supporting students as they transition into university, the program empowers both the mentor and mentee to establish relationships and hone their academic skills through education, culture, community, and wellness.

Commitment: 25 hours per semester
Training Requirement: 4 days of training (offered in June and December) (provided)
Recruitment: Ongoing - Mentors are referred by faculty and staff on campus and are expected to complete an application package.

Full Role Description
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The International Student Support Centre (ISSC) at MRU provides a vibrant space for students from all backgrounds to meet other MRU students as well as students studying on exchange. The ISSC is staffed by student leaders and volunteers who can provide information, support, and peer-driven programs that connect international and domestic students. The ISSC team plans and creates opportunities for students to participate in fun and engaging social and cultural activities, and provides a space for students to gather to practice language, study, meet new people, build community, and learn from each other.

Join the ISSC team through one of three leadership opportunities

Volunteer Role

Commitment: 2 hour shift/week, with additional participation in events supporting and promoting the ISSC and internationalization opportunities

Application - closes Apr. 19th, 2024

Intern Role

Description: Provide administrative and programming support to the International Education Team including promotional activities and materials, facilitating communications with leads and volunteers, coordination of physical space of the ISSC, as well as support and social opportunities to all MRU students interested and engaged in internationalization

Commitment: 20 hours/week

More Information and Application - application closes Mar. 21st, 2024

Lead Role

Description: Plan and facilitate events and activities for the ISSC community; build engagement and participation in the ISSC community; coordinate a team of volunteers

Commitment: 10 hours/week

More Information and Application - application closes Mar. 21st, 2024