Create an account and employer profile

1. Choose a username and password

  • The username and password you select become your account login
  • You only need to create an account once
  • If you or your employer/company have an account but require a password to be reset, contact us at 403.440.6307 or studentjobs@mtroyal.ca
  • Click here for detailed instructions to create a new account, or request a new account now

2. Create an employer/company profile

  • When you log in for the first time, the system will prompt you to enter contact and employer/company information
  • This information becomes your employer/company profile
  • You can update or change this profile as many times as needed

3. Post jobs

  • Select the Central Job Bank form to post jobs for all credit students and graduates
  • Select the Work Experience Job Bank form to post 4-8 month work terms for work experience and Co-operative Education students
  • You can view and print any job postings you have submitted using your account

To create an account for the first time, follow these 3 simple steps:

Read the following instructions, then click on the link below titled: Request a new account now!

1. Create a username and password.

  • Enter a First Name and a Last Name for yourself or your company
    • The first name and last name will become your username in this format: First [space] Last
    • Your username cannot be changed once entered
  • Only enter a middle name if prompted by the system
    • If a middle name is entered, your username will be First [space] Middle [space] Last
  • Enter a password
    • Remember your password. If you forget, simply call us at 403.440.6307 to reset it. Both the username and password are space and case sensitive

2. Submit the request and wait for an email instructing you to log in and create a profile.

If you do no receive an email within 10 minutes, go back into the Career Services website and click on the link labelled Employers, then the blue button, Login to post a job, or click here.

3. Log in and create your employer/company profile.

  • Once the profile is entered, you can begin posting jobs
  • Following this initial registration, you can skip these steps and simply log in to your account each time

Request a new account now! 

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