Bachelor of Interior Design

What kinds of work term opportunities may be available?

As an Interior Design student, you could be offered an internship/work term position in Calgary, throughout Alberta, across Canada and internationally. It is expected that students will be prepared to relocate for work experience opportunities. To date, Interior Design students have completed work term positions in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Saskatoon, New York, Arizona, Brazil, Mexico, Cayman Islands, England, Germany, Italy and Iran.

The interior design industry includes a vast network of inter-related businesses and professions dedicated to the successful installation of interior environments. Some of these businesses include not only interior design and architectural firms, but also contractors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, leasing agents, developers, facility managers, and numerous consultants including mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers.

An important component of becoming an effective contributor to the interior design industry is an understanding of how these various and diverse professions collaborate to realize interior design projects. Also important is learning how to create positive relationships within this vast network of people.

How do I prepare for my Internship?

Students receive information and assistance in various areas that prepare them for their internship experience. Professional development is integrated into Design Tools 3, 4, 5 and 6 courses and aims to:

  • Familiarize students with the interior design career & employment landscape
  • Identify strengths, areas requiring further development, interests, skills, etc., through self-assessment exploration
  • Assist students in the preparation of targeted cover letters, resumes, and portfolio presentations in focus of industry trends, standards and best practices
  • Familiarize students with the interview process and develop their confidence through practice
  • Familiarize students with self-marketing/networking strategies to build contacts within the industry
  • Teach students how to effectively search and apply for competitive job opportunities locally, provincially, nationally and internationally

What about expenses?

By starting to plan now, you can be financially prepared for your work terms. Expenses include:

  • Internship zero-credit course (INDS 3345) fees (approximately $500). Please consult the 2019/20 Tuition and Fee Schedules for more information.
  • Relocation expenses will be incurred by the student when completing a work term position in a town or city outside of Calgary. Budget and plan for travel expenses to and from the workplace location and paying rent in a different place to live for four months.
  • Some work terms require the use of a vehicle.