Bachelor of Arts - Policy Studies

What kinds of internship opportunities may be available?

Policy Studies students may work in public, corporate, government, and non-profit settings in a variety of public administration or policy-related positions. Students have participated in work experience such as research and development, stakeholder communications, government affairs, program evaluation, statistical and data analysis, regulatory matters and compliance processes, along with legislative reviews.

As a Policy Studies student, you could be offered a work term position in Calgary, throughout Alberta, across Canada or perhaps internationally (except in regions where there are Travel Advisories). It is expected that students should be prepared to relocate for internship positions.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts - Policy Studies degree should contact their work experience coordinator in Career Services to discuss work term options.

How do I prepare for my internship?

Policy Studies students are eligible to register in the internship course POST 3030 once all of the required prerequisite courses are completed. See POST 3030 course description in the Mount Royal Calendar.

Additionally, students must take part in the Professional Development semester which will assist in preparing for the job search. Topics include:

  • Self assessment and skills analysis
  • Competitive resume and cover letter writing
  • Self-marketing and networking
  • Interviewing strategies and practice
  • Employer information presentations

What about expenses?

By starting to plan now, you can be financially prepared for your work term. Expenses include:

  • An internship is a 15-credit course. Fees are charged on a per-credit basis. Please consult the 2019/20 Tuition and Fee Schedules for more information.
  • Relocation expenses will be incurred by the student when completing a work term position outside of Calgary. Planning for travel expenses to and from the workplace location, and living expenses such as rent and food for four months should be budgeted for by the student.
  • Some work terms will require the student's use of, or access to, a vehicle.