Bachelor of Communication - Public Relations

What kinds of work experience opportunities may be available?

As a Public Relations student, you could be offered a work experience position in Calgary, throughout Alberta or across Canada. Many work experience opportunities are located outside of Calgary, so students should be prepared to relocate.

Public Relations students can expect to work in corporate, non-profit, agency or government sectors in many different areas that include working independently or as part of a communications team. You may use your writing, research, communication planning and desktop publishing skills to accomplish such tasks as planning a special event, designing/producing visual communication materials, developing/conducting employee surveys and writing/editing for a variety of audiences.

How do I prepare for my work experience term(s)?

All Public Relations students are required to obtain a minimum of 150 volunteer or paid hours of public relations experience before they are eligible for their official work experience. Students will be provided pre-approved opportunities for which to apply, and are also encouraged to seek out opportunities on their own.

In addition to core courses and volunteer hours, all students are required to register and complete PUBR 4890 (Workplace Issues and Preparation Seminar) in their third year of study. This mandatory course prepares students to produce targeted resumes, cover letters and portfolios suited for a position in the communications industry. During this course and beyond, students will have the opportunity to develop a professional working relationship with their work experience coordinator who will assist in identifying the skills and strengths needed to prepare each student for their work term.

When do I do my work experience term(s)?

For graduation purposes, Public Relations students are required to complete two, non-credit work experience terms. The first of these two work terms must be completed during the spring semester following six semesters of credit courses. The second work term is completed in the winter semester of the fourth year. These work experience opportunities provide students with valuable "hands-on" experience and allow them to put their academic education to work.

What about expenses?

  • Both PUBR 4890 and each work term are non-credit courses and have fees attached to them. Please consult the 2019/20 Tuition and Fee Schedules for more information.
  • You will be responsible for your own transportation costs to and from the work site.
  • If you accept a position outside of Calgary, you will be responsible for your own relocation and living expenses in that location unless otherwise indicated by the employer.