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Open Studies


For full course descriptions, use the online Academic Calendar.

In Open Studies you have the opportunity to combine credit courses with academic upgrading courses if needed. There is no set curriculum for Open Studies, so you can take courses which may be transferable to a Mount Royal degree or diploma while helping you determine your program of interest. Or you can take missing high school courses to meet the admission requirements or to improve your competitive average for admission to your intended program.

Although some courses will be restricted to students studying in a specific program, other courses will be available for Open Studies students. If you are balancing work obligations, family, and/ or other commitments, you may want to take advantage of courses offered in the evening, on weekends or daytime. You may also wish to take a full-time course load or a part-time load depending on your circumstances. Step by Step Guide to using the Interactive Course Search

  1. Select blue Interactive Course Search button to the left
  2. Search by Term (e.g. Winter 2021 CREDIT) > click Submit
  3. Search by Subject (e.g. Biology) > click Get Courses
  4. Find the course name and number (e.g. BIOL 0130) and click on Lecture.

All of the scheduled lectures in the term will display. If there is a tutorial or laboratory connected to the lecture, there will be a note. To see the schedule times of the tutorials or laboratories, return to the previous page and click on Tutorial or Laboratory.

Note: If you are unable to click on Lecture, Laboratory or Tutorial it means that the course is not running in the selected term.

30-Credit limit
Open Studies students may take a maximum of five courses per semester and are limited to a maximum of 30 credits (typically ten, three-credit courses) in Open Studies (and University Entrance Option combined) before being required to move on to a specific program of study. There is no limit to the number of non-credit academic upgrading courses you may complete.

To assist with your academic plan and your course selection, we strongly encourage new Open Studies students to attend an Advising Session. We also recommend reviewing our advising guides.