Bachelor of Arts - Policy Studies

Bachelor of Arts — Policy Studies Major

The Policy Studies major in the Bachelor of Arts four year program is designed to provide you with a solid academic foundation in policy theory, political science and economics, as well as a semester of work experience. With these two key components, this degree will prepare you to embark on further study and/or challenging policy careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

POST Program Course Checklist

With the Bachelor of Arts, major in Policy Studies, Mount Royal joins a small number of universities in Canada who offer policy studies at the undergraduate level. The Policy Studies program at Mount Royal encompasses the disciplines of economics and political science in addition to policy studies. Consequently it was able to build an integrated curriculum with a much better balance between economics and political science than is usually found. As a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, major in Policy Studies, you will have the theoretical background and practical skills — quantitative, computer analysis, written and oral communication, research, analysis, planning, time management, problem-solving, and project management — to understand the evolving relationships between business, governments, non-governmental organizations and interest groups (policy communities). You will be able to apply your skills to research, develop and evaluate policy proposals, and will be qualified for positions such as management and communications assistants, planning and co-ordination officers, and policy and economic analysts in private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

You will have the opportunity to put theory into practice with a semester-long paid internship, which is normally taken during the third year of the degree program. Given the increased demand for policy professionals in Alberta and indeed throughout Canada, Mount Royal's innovative BA in Policy Studies makes an exceptionally relevant fit with today's economic, social and political challenges. Graduates of this degree program not only are keenly aware of the challenges our economy and society face; they also possess the knowledge to help address these challenges.

The six principal Policy Studies degree outcomes are as follows:

  • Comprehending policy contexts;
  • Applying analytical and research skills;
  • Behaving professionally;
  • Utilizing policy expertise;
  • Communicating effectively; and
  • Applying theory

InternshipsTraditionally, an internship in Policy Studies is four months of employer-paid work experience. Internships provide students with opportunities to put their on-campus education into practice under course direction and supervision (POST 3030).

Honours ProgramThe honours program in Policy Studies will give you an excellent foundation for graduate studies in economics, political science, policy or law school.

Captivating Careers

Graduates of this program are in high demand. They enjoy exceptional job placement rate and rewarding careers in areas such as economics and policy analysis, public relations, financial planning, project management and information management.

Career Opportunities

  • Economic analyst
  • Policy consultant
  • Political aide

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