Bachelor of Arts - English

Study historical and contemporary literature, film and culture. Learn how to write and express yourself with clarity and style. Explore elements of storytelling in popular culture from graphic novels to modern fantasy and film, from indie to mainstream. Flex your creative writing muscle from poetry, fiction to non-fiction. Participate in field schools, student publications or community-engaged projects.

Careers in creativity

You will be able to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts. You will be in firm possession of other core, transferable skills, such as thinking strategies, ethical reasoning, information retrieval and evaluation capabilities, computer literacy and group effectiveness, thus enabling them to succeed in further studies and career opportunities. Qualified graduates may go on to professional programs like law or develop careers in business, writing, or teaching. You will have experienced different learning environments and developed metacognition (that is, a high level of self-awareness regarding learning and professionalization) around learning styles and preferences, an important outcome for the life-long learner in the education system or the workplace.

With an English degree, you can find work in virtually any field: teaching, public relations, publishing, fundraising, freelance writing, library work, web development, marketing, business, administration, law, the performing arts, journalism, and the movie and TV industries.

Career possibilities

  • Writer
  • Researcher
  • Editor