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Bissett School of Business

Mount Royal University has been offering business education since 1911. Driven by a talented and inspired faculty, student-first values and the generosity of philanthropist David Bissett, the school has grown into one of the most influential business schools in Alberta.

The Bissett School of Business now serves almost 2,000 students, offering education in all major areas of management and business administration - including degrees, certificates and a diploma in aviation. The School has dedicated itself to providing an education that is on the leading edge of global business trends and community relevance.


Students at the Bissett School of Business are unlike any other students in Canada. Learning in small classes, they build relationships with their classmates, instructors and community partners. Bissett's small class sizes enable students to find mentors among the industry speakers who visit their classes, and their passionate instructors.

Through a blend of theory and practice, students at the Bissett School of Business become exceptionally desirable to employers. They have a background in the latest industry trends paired with experience working in industries relevant to their degree. The breadth and depth of their knowledge is what sets them apart from the crowd.


The Bissett School of Business can attribute the quality of its education to the quality of its faculty. Their knowledge is backed by PhDs in their field, and extensive experience in their industry. They have balanced the books of million-dollar corporations, founded their own enterprises and contributed to some of the world's most impactful initiatives. They've returned to university to pass on their knowledge and inspire the next generation of leaders.

The faculty invests in the future of their students through involving them with the Calgary community, industry clients and their own research projects. The level of mentorship they provide for students is exceptional, creating a truly unique student experience.

Experiential Learning

Students have the opportunity to immerse in a field while they are still in school. They can augment their education with hands-on course work, including Community Service Learning (CSL) and other work-experience opportunities such as co-operative education.

They also can develop community based projects where they apply academic theories and processes to address real-world challenges and opportunities. Through this they will connect with potential employers, find mentors in their field, gain valuable work experience and make a difference in the community.

Whether it's in the classroom or workplace, students are provided with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to have a successful career in many industries.