Research & Scholarly Work

Research & Scholarship at the Bissett School of Business

Faculty and students will pursue impactful scholarly research grounded in administrative sciences; generate and disseminate knowledge in order to expand theory and improve our communities; and advance the reputation of the Bissett School of Business.

At the Bissett School of Business, scholarly research will be based on the following values:

  1. Research activities that enrich the student experience.
  2. Research outcomes that emphasize quality over quantity.
  3. Research that is rigorous and supported by peer validation.
  4. Research that is impactful for scholars, professionals, industry and communities.

Strategic Priorities

The Bissett School of Business has identified five strategic research priorities designed to support the MRU research plan and the Bissett research mission statement. Each strategic priority is linked to priority activities to be implemented over a five year period. This includes the development of four areas of research focus to promote cross-disciplinary scholarly collaboration.

Areas of Research

Establish cross-disciplinary, strategic focus areas to encourage collaboration at Bissett and at MRU. These areas identify the current core capabilities that may lead to synergic activities and look for the possibility of strengthening those capabilities.

The development of some key focus areas follows these tenets:

  • Develop Recognition of Expertise: These major focus areas will enable more impactful recognition of past, present and future research excellence at Bissett. Recognition is essential to enable our success.
  • Stimulate Collaboration: A central goal for the development of focus areas is to stimulate collaborative and interdisciplinary research amongst faculty at Bissett, MRU and with partners in our community.
  • Enhance Funding Opportunities: Through the recognition of Bissett expertise and enhanced collaboration, these focus areas can enhance funding opportunities through private sector collaboration and public sectoring granting bodies.
  • Inclusive & Evolving: These focus areas were designed to be broad and inclusive. Like all scholarly research, they are designed to be constantly evolving as Bissett's research expertise evolves. They are not intended to detract at all from any individual faculty member's research priorities but rather are intended to enhance and support individual faculty member's success.