The Bissett School of Business offers a wide variety of programs within a Bachelor of Business of Administration degree program and a diploma in Aviation. These programs prepare students to join the modern workforce. Students learn the latest industry trends and gain first-hand experience in those industries. The critical blend of contemporary theory and experiential learning creates graduates that are exceptionally desirable to employers.

The Bachelor of Business Administration includes:

Accounting involves collecting financial information and analyzing it in order to direct individuals and organizations. Highlighting the most recent trends in the industry and providing hands-on experience, the Bachelor of Business Administration Accounting program is designed to give students an edge in the job market.

Finance is about managing money and acquiring funds. Through a combination of theory and application students will develop an in-depth knowledge of investments, financial analysis, financial risk management, corporate and international finance. An incredibly versatile program, this knowledge can be applied personally, at the corporate level or in the public sector.

General Management is about leading groups to establish goals and achieving them efficiently and effectively. Through a combination of theory and application students will learn to develop strong business strategies and tactics, as well as techniques on how to implement them. The General Management concentration provides a platform that can be augmented with a variety of other disciplines to provide students with an edge in a specific career path.

Human Resources is about managing the personnel of an organization. Students pursuing a concentration in Human Resources will develop an understanding of how to develop and implement recruitment programs, training plans and compensation and benefit packages. As well, students will learn to take the lead in effective employee relations programs and to apply changing government regulations to organizational planning.

For students pursuing their dream job, eager to change the world, or launching their own unique ventures, mastering innovation and developing an entrepreneurial mindset is critical. The student journey through Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses includes jump starting their creativity, discovering passion, developing entrepreneurial skills and building valuable connections that will serve students long after they graduate.

The International Business program is designed to prepare students to operate and compete in the global business environment. Through a combination of theory and application students will develop an in-depth knowledge of global trade, cross cultural management, international supply chain management, methods to enter foreign markets, and more. The International Business program is versatile and increasingly relevant as the business world becomes progressively more globalized.

Marketing is at the center of navigating the dynamic worlds of brands, evolving stakeholder attitudes, new design trends and global economic shifts. With a Bachelor of Business Administration- Marketing, you will be at the forefront of learning how to blend insight, strategy, design literacy and brand intelligence to help bring extraordinary products, services and campaigns to the marketplace.

This interdisciplinary program will focus on social innovation education appropriate to the complex and profound nature of the challenges we face locally and globally, thus providing thought leadership on questions of community prosperity, sustainability, citizenship and ethics.

Supply Chain Management involves the network of organizations that procure resources, moving them from supplier to manufacturer, manufacturer to wholesaler, wholesaler to retailer, retailer to consumer. The purpose of supply chain management are to create value, enhance efficiency and satisfy customer needs.

The Aviation Diploma Includes:


The Aviation program is more than a flight of fancy for Mount Royal. With nearly 40 years of experience offering aviation training, Mount Royal’s stellar national reputation is well deserved. The unique Aviation Diploma combines the flight training you need to become a commercial pilot with an academic diploma. That means you will be fully prepared to handle the role of a pilot both in the air and on the ground.