David Finch

David Finch

Office: EB 2047
Phone: 403.440.8784
Email: dfinch@mtroyal.ca
LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/drdavidfinch
WebLink: designingyou.org
PhD (Walden University)
MA (University of Kent)
BA (Honours) (Western University)

College of Business, Ohio University
Henley Business School, University of Reading

David Finch's professional background reflects a commitment to the convergence of theory and practice. David possesses a PhD in management and is an active educator, scholar and practitioner. Dr Finch holds several academic appointments including Associate Professor at Mount Royal University's Bissett School of Business and is a Visiting Fellow at both Ohio University and the Henley Business School in the United Kingdom. David also teaches Executive Education at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary.
David's research interests focus on exploring the empirical link between stakeholders and organizational performance. Based on his research and breadth of experience, Dr Finch is the Director of the Business School Research Network (BSRN) - a network of senior researchers from 15 North American business schools focused on examining the empirical performance of business schools. In the past five years, David has authored over 50 scholarly papers and published in journals such as the Journal of Business Ethics, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Journal of Marketing Management, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Higher Education, the Journal of Marketing Education, the Corporate Reputation Review and the International Journal of Management Education.
Prior to joining academia, Dr Finch held progressively senior corporate and agency roles including being a founding partner at the T1 Agency, Canada's largest sports and sponsorship marketing agency. This professional background includes supporting brands such as Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, Esso, Harris Corporation, Hudson's Bay, BC Ferries, The Calgary Stampede and Yellow Pages.

Recognition and Awards
2017. Nominated. Article of the Year: The business school scorecard: Examining the systematic sources of business school value. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences.
2015. Best Paper (Honourable Mention)- Management Education Division (Award). Conferred by Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, Canada
2013 - 2014. 2013 Article of the Year: The Future of Marketing Education: A Practitioner's Perspective (Academic Prize) (USD). Conferred by Journal of Marketing Education.
2013. Best Paper (Honourable Mention) - Marketing Division (Distinction). Conferred by Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, Canada
2013. Jean Perrien Best Paper Award (Academic Prize). 500 (CAD). Conferred by Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, Canada
2012 - 2013. ACIFA Innovation in Teaching Award (MRU Nominee) (Teaching Award). Conferred by Mount Royal University Faculty Association, Canada
2011 - 2012. Teaching Award: "ACIFA Innovation in Teaching Award (MRU Nominee)" Awarded first runner-up. (Teaching Award). Conferred by Mount Royal Faculty Association
2011. 2011 Frank Dilley Award for Most Outstanding Dissertation (Academic Prize). Conferred by Walden University, United States

Teaching experience
Market-Driven Strategy
Evidence-Based Marketing
Strategic Management
Visiting Professor, Ohio University (teach undergraduate sports management)
Visiting Professor, Henley Business School, University of Reading (teach international MBA)
Faculty, Haskayne School of Business (teach Executive Education)

Current Projects
Director of the Business School Research Network
Business Schools and management education are at a crossroads. Business schools today face an unprecedented challenge to their legitimacy and relevance. Central to this issue is the lack of cohesive performance metrics and measurable links to impact.
To confront this challenge, in partnership with Mount Royal University's Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a multi-stakeholder working group, the Business School Research Network (BSRN) was established in 2014 to facilitate collaborative inter-institutional research focused at studying the management and practice of business schools. The BSRN is currently composed of 21 researchers from 15 business schools who are involved in different aspects of our research.

Sample Publications and Major Contributions

Finch, D. J., O'Reilly, N., Deephouse, D. L., Foster, W. M., Dubak, A., & Shaw, J. (2016). Academic and practitioner antecedents of scholarly outcomes: Examining the role of industry engagement of business school faculty. Industry and Higher Education, 30(6), 369-381.

Finch, D., Deephouse, D., O'Reilly, N., Nadeau, J., Varella, K., Foster, W., Sundararajan, B. (2016). The business school scorecard: Examining the systematic sources of business school value. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. (Nominated for paper of the year)

Finch, D., O'Reilly, N., Deephouse, D., Foster, W., Falkenberg, L. (2016). Institutional biography and knowledge dissemination: An analysis of Canadian business school faculty. Academy of Management Learning & Education.

Finch, D., O'Reilly, N., Varella, P., Hillenbrand, C. (2015). Psychological contracts and independent sales contractors: Fulfillment, performance and management. Journal of Marketing Management (Vol. 31(17) pp. 1924 - 1964). (In Print)

Finch, D.J., Deephouse, D., Varella, P. (2015). Examining an individual's legitimacy judgment using the value-attitude system: The role of environmental and economic values and source credibility. Journal of Business Ethics (Vol. 127(2) pp. 265 - 281). (In Print)

Finch, D., Peacock, M., Lazdowski, D., Hwang, M. (2015). Return on emotions: An examination of the influence of achievement emotions on team-based experiential learning. International Journal of Management Education (Vol. 13 pp. 23 - 36). (In Print)

Finch, D., O'Reilly, N., Hillenbrand, C., Deephouse, D., Massie, T. (2015). Follow the leaders? An analysis of convergence and innovation of faculty recruiting practices in US business schools. Higher Education (pp. 1 - 19). (In Print)