Mauricio Latapí, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Office: EB-3022

Phone: +1(403) 440 6636


Ph.D. in Environment and Natural Resources with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability for the Nordic Energy Sector (University of Iceland, 2021)

Post-doctoral research on the use of green hydrogen for Nordic Shipping (University of Iceland – 2021-2023)

My teaching is inspired by the pedagogical current called teaching thinking and can be characterized as a critical thinking education that is student-centered and high-tech. My goal is that students receive a comprehensive learning experience that boosts their critical and creative thinking and improves their learning skills. To do so, my courses and lectures are designed with an approach that follows the guiding principles of the teaching thinking pedagogy: active learning and engagement, meaningful and memorable lessons, challenging and mediated activities, individual and collaborative work, and reflective and constructive learning. Using these principles helps students maximize their abilities and skills and allows them to learn through tasks that encourage critical and creative thinking in each step of their learning process.

Main teaching topics/areas:

Environmental Management
Corporate Social Responsiblity
Strategic Management


My scholarship activities are inspired by organizational theory through a systems perspective. This approach draws on organizational theory to identify internal and external factors that influence organizational behavior. This includes aspects that shape individual decision-making and influence organizational power, culture, and structure, as well as institutional aspects such as regulatory, normative, and cognitive characteristics. Understanding these factors and how they influence organizational behavior is fundamental for designing innovative business models that can help organizations be better prepared for an increasingly complex and competitive world.

Recent Publications:

Latapí, M., Davíðsdóttir, B., Cook, D., Jóhannsdóttir, L., Marin Radoszynski, A., & Karlsson, K. (2024). Hydrogen fuel cells in shipping: A policy case study of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Marine Policy, 163, 106109.

Latapí Agudelo, M. A., Johannsdottir, L., & Davidsdottir, B. (2019). A literature review of the history and evolution of corporate social responsibility. International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility, 4(1). 

Latapí, M., Davíðsdóttir, B., & Jóhannsdóttir, L. (2023). Drivers and barriers for the large-scale adoption of hydrogen fuel cells by Nordic shipping companies. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 

Latapí, M., Jóhannsdóttir, L., & Davíðsdóttir, B. (2023). Benefits and Opportunities of Zero-Emission Shipping in the Arctic. In M. Goodsite & N. Swanström (Eds.), Towards a Sustainable Arctic: International Security, Climate Change and Green Shipping. World Scientific Publishing. 

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