Mohammed El Hazzouri

Mohammed El Hazzouri

Associate Professor

Office: EB 2057
Phone: 403.440.8439
Email: melhazzouri@mtroyal.ca

LinkedIn: .linkedin.com/in/elhazzouri

PhD Marketing, University of Manitoba
BBA Accounting / Finance, Hariri Canadian University

Dr. Mohammed El Hazzouri is an Associate Professor of marketing at Bissett School of Business. Dr. El Hazzouri earned his PhD. from the University of Manitoba in 2012. He is interested in researching consumer behavior topics related to social identity (e.g. gender, ethnicity, immigration status etc.) and to consumer debt. 

In the classroom, he encourages his students to be critical thinkers and curious about the world. In both his research and teaching, Dr. El Hazzouri strives to draw attention to issues that are relevant to marketers and to public policy makers alike.

Teaching Experience

Senior Brand Studio
Managing Marketing Relationships
Consumer Behaviour
Evidence-Based Marketing
Introduction to Marketing

Research Areas of Interest

  • Improving the effectiveness of public health advertisements targeted at minority groups
  • The impact of stereotypes on consumer behaviour
  • How to motivate consumers to reduce their debt
  • The impact of payday lending regulations on low-income borrowers
  • How situational factors trigger evolutionary-related motivations of consumption

Sample Research Publications

El Hazzouri, Mohammed and Leah Hamilton (2019), “Why Us?!  How Members of Minority Groups React to Public Health Advertisements Featuring their Own Group,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 38(3), 372-390.

El Hazzouri, Mohammed, Kelley Main, and Lisa Sinclair (2019), “Out of the Closet: When Moral Identity and Protestant Work Ethic Improve Attitudes towards Advertising Featuring Same Sex Couples,” Journal of Advertising, 48(2), 181-196.

El Hazzouri, Mohammed, Kelley Main, and Sergio Carvalho (2017), "Ethnic Minority Consumers' Reactions to Advertisements Featuring Members of Other Minority Groups," International Journal of Research in Marketing, 34(3), 717-733.

Select Media Coverage

The Conversation Canada (July 23, 2019): “Public Health Authorities Need to Reassess How They Market to Racialized Groups”

The Conversation Canada (Feb 05, 2019): Out Of the Closet: Easing the Backlash against Same-Sex Couples in Advertising

The Huff Post Canada (April 20, 2018): “Calgary's New Ban on Smoking Weed in Public Is Racially Biased”

The Star Calgary (April 20, 2018), “Ethnic Groups Fear Health Ads Stereotype Them, New Study from Mount Royal University Finds,”

The National Post (August 24, 2017), "Do Minorities Prefer Ads with White People?"

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