Networking Day: Workshops


Speaker: Hamish Knox

Topic: Networking - Getting Started & Practical Advice

About the session:

Lots of people are extremely intimidated by networking, partly because they don’t really know what it means or how they can do it correctly. Networking is not about asking for a job, but instead, building relationships amongst peers, mentors and possibly, future employers. It’s about learning how to build relationships with intention and purpose. 

No matter how you feel about networking, it can be a highly effective prospecting activity when we frame it as “having a conversation” and “building relationships for mutual gain.” Join Hamish Knox from Calgary’s Sandler Training for an interactive conversation about the topic.

Hamish will discuss the best tools in effectively networking with individuals, how to exit a conversation gracefully and how to LEAD yourself to better results from networking events. Hamish will give practical tips for networking, including the do’s and don’ts of shaking hands, controlling your fear and more.

About Hamish Knox: 

Hamish Knox, owner of Sandler Training in Calgary and author of Accountability the Sandler Way and Change the Sandler Way, is recognized nationally and internationally as a business development expert specializing in executive sales consulting and sales productivity training.

Hamish is a dynamic speaker certified in David H. Sandler’s proprietary selling system. He informs, entertains, and motivates both leadership and sales teams to achieve their full potential.


Speaker: Aislinn Grant

Topic: Developing a Personal Brand & Your Core Values

About the session:

Learn the fundamentals of creating a compelling personal brand with the design geek behind Grant Design. Aislin will touch on your core values, why they matter, and how your brand can help you make hard decisions like what volunteer positions to take, what to write as your LinkedIn caption and what business casual dress codes mean to you.

This session will support you in understanding how to be more intentional, based on your core values and personal brand, when attending networking events and building relationships with both peers and potential future employers.

About Aislinn Grant: 

Aislinn Grant is an alumna from MRU’s business program who has a business brain, a bluesky vision, and a penchant for 90s R+B. During her time at MRU, Aislinn founded Aisy, a sustainable bath bomb company. After over 4 years in operation, Aislinn closed Aisy’s virtual doors to launch Trout + Taylor, an edgy marketing firm that built beautiful brands for businesses all over the world. Their clients included Lululemon, TD Bank, Anthropologie, Earls, and Salted Cycle. Through her time starting and running Aisy, she learned the guiding principle to the industry she works in today; the importance of having a beautiful, consistent and compelling brand. 

Today Aislinn is the Founder of Grant Design and dedicates time to mentoring students in business strategy and is a judge + pitch advisor at UofC and MRU. Aislinn is passionate about supporting new entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, to develop the skills and confidence to take their ideas to the next level.


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