Social Work Diploma

Our Social Work Diploma is accredited by the Alberta College of Social Workers and is a qualified credential for registration as a social worker in Alberta.

The Social Work Diploma is a two-year program that prepares students for effective social work practice with individuals, families, groups, and communities. Graduates are employed in a broad range of government, non-profit, and private agencies. As a graduate of our program, you are eligible to apply to become a registered social worker in Alberta.

Theory into practice 

Starting in your first year, you'll gain extensive hands-on experience working with diverse populations, including individuals and families living in low-income households, high-risk families, recent immigrants, the elderly, young offenders and others.

Experience wanted

Gain knowledge and practice in a variety of social work skills, including:

  • assessing needs and strengths
  • goal setting and planning
  • developing intervention plans
  • intervening effectively with persons of varying ages, races, genders and abilities
  • supportive counselling
  • community outreach and engagement
  • program development 

Career choices

You could be employed in a range of government, non-profit and private agencies. The demand for graduates is high and continues to grow. In Alberta, the job market for social workers is expected to increase by three to four per cent a year. Your job title could be:

  • Social worker
  • Case manager
  • Outreach worker
  • Community worker
  • Mental Health worker
  • Probation/corrections officer

Further education

As a graduate of the program, you may pursue a Bachelor of Social Work at many universities across Canada, including the University of Calgary, Thompson Rivers University and the University of Manitoba. Graduates may also choose to stay at Mount Royal to complete a degree, such as Psychology, with a minor in Indigenous Studies or Women's and Gender Studies.