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Academic Success Workshops

Our Academic Success Workshops will resume in the fall. If you are looking for support with any of the topics you see listed in the table below, we invite you to book a personalized online appointment with a Learning Strategist!

Math Get Ready for Math | Problem Solving for Math
Studying Time Management | Maximize Your Memory | Studying for Tests
Reading Learning From Your Textbook | Working With Journal Articles
Writing Planning Research Papers | Focus and Flow | Editing Sentence Structure | Editing for Clarity
Referencing APA Referencing - NEW RULES! | Paraphrasing, Not Plagiarizing | MLA Referencing
Presentations Powerful Presentations

Earn a Certificate of Accomplishment

If you attend 8 or more workshops, you can request a Certificate of Accomplishment. For scholarship applications and job applications, the certificate can provide a selection committee with evidence that you are a resourceful, motivated person who is investing time outside of class towards your academic success. It just might give you the edge over another candidate!