heart Medical Leaves


If an illness or injury is severe enough to impact your ability to work, you may be eligible for WCB, Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability benefits.


WCB Benefits

If you sustain an injury at work and seek medical attention, require modified duties and/or miss time from work, Mount Royal University (MRU) is required to submit documentation to WCB Alberta.  

Please ensure you report the incident to Environmental Health and Safety here and notify Employee Wellness of your injury, as soon as possible.

Further information about WCB, including how to access the Worker Report of Injury form, can be found here.

Short Term Disability Benefits

If you are unable to attend work due to medical reasons, you may be eligible for Short Term Disability (STD) benefits. Further information about STD benefits can be found for:

Mount Royal Staff Association (MRSA), Exempt & Management
Security Representatives
Full time Faculty

In order to access STD benefits, you will be required to provide detailed medical documentation from your physician. Employee Wellness will determine if your physician will need to complete the MRU Medical Assessment Form.

Long Term Disability Benefits

If you remain unable to attend work after your STD benefits have ceased, you may be eligible for Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits through our benefits carrier. Employee Wellness will be in contact with you to provide information about the application process for LTD benefits, if it is likely this benefit will be required.