Our Team



James Stauch


James has served as a foundation executive and non-profit sector consultant with nearly two decades of experience working in the field of philanthropy. He has guided or advised on programs that support the emergence of community leadership, or that help organizations uncover new possibilities for their programming and operations in order to be strategic, authentic and enduring in their impact. James has worked extensively with communities in the Arctic and Far North, with the non-profit sector in the Calgary and Greater Toronto regions, as well as with Aboriginal communities and organizations across Canada. E:


Anna Johnson

Community Engagement Strategist

Anna Johnson is a Calgary based social entrepreneur with a background in social innovation, nonprofit management, and systems thinking. Anna wears many hats, including co-founder of Fresh Routes, Board Chair of Calgary Can, and Director of Strategy and Fund Development at the Leftovers Foundation. She spends most of her time, however, working in higher education at Mount Royal University’s Institute for Community Prosperity where she teaches systems thinking to educators across Canada and develops co-curricular programs that encourage undergraduate students to develop a systems-thinking approach to address complex social, cultural, and environmental challenges. Prior to working at the Institute, Anna worked for a social-purpose consultancy that supported practitioners and organizations across sectors to amplify their social and environmental impact through systems change, organizational strategy, and social enterprise development.  Anna continues to provide strategic oversight and support to several nonprofit boards and advisory committees across Alberta. E:


Tracy Pfeifer

Administrative Assistant

Tracy moved from Winnipeg to Calgary in July 2001 and started with the Institute in August 2001 when it was originally created.  She left her position working with the dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Winnipeg to make the move with her husband. Tracy’s motto is “change is good” which has served her well as her roles are always changing and she loves the diversity her position brings. Tracy feels very fortunate to work with such an amazing team at the Institute for Community Prosperity. E:


Motoomaakamootstakii - Latasha Calf Robe

Community Engagement Strategist

Latasha is a proud Kanaiakii from the Blood Reserve in Southern Alberta. Latasha graduated from Mount Royal University with a BBA in General Management and has spent most of her time afterwards serving in higher education. Latasha weaves together her traditional knowledge and system thinking to combat unjust barriers to education and success for Indigenous people.
Ultimately, Latasha has three children, and she hopes they grow up in a different society than she did and be able to express pride for their Indigenous culture and identity openly and safely.


Barb Davies

Community and Student Engagement Strategist

Barb’s background in holistic health intersected with community-based economic development while she was living in rural BC and working on food security initiatives in the Columbia Basin. Upon returning to Calgary, Barb began working for Momentum using systems-based approaches to address poverty reduction. Her work focused on strengthening supports for social entrepreneurship both locally and provincially. In addition, she developed learning initiatives to empower individuals to use economic tools to address social issues, including hosting an award-winning national conference. Barb co-founded Local Investing YYC, served on the board of Green Calgary and participated on advisory committees with Health Canada on regulatory approaches within the natural health sector. As the owner of Vitamins First, a leading natural health retailer in Calgary, Barb built bridges in the community growing awareness for local producers and growers and serving on the board of the Business Revitalization Zone. Barb uses a values-based approach to advance sustainable solutions that prioritize people and place. She can often be found in the mountains nurturing her love of nature and curiosity towards holistic wellness.


Cathy Glover

Changemaker in Residence

As Cathy retired from an over 16 year career as leader of the Suncor Energy Foundation, she was recognized and gifted with the name Aahpii Pitahgii - White Eagle Woman.  As Elder Casey Eaglespeaker described, he choose this name because of her ability to have a system wide view, to see unique interconnections and to bring people together to create space for collaboration and change.  As a strong proponent of social innovation Cathy and her team created a corporate community investment program that brought together unlikely partners to address complex social issues and transformative change at regional and national levels, while at the same time supporting employee initiatives and local priorities.  While the team developed expertise in working with external partners in the social innovation space, they also found that they gained an ability to work differently within their internal organization, and one of Cathy’s accomplishments was co-leading the team that designed Suncor’s social goal that focuses on reconciliation.  Cathy has worked on both sides of the philanthropy equation, with an almost equal amount of time working in charitable and non-profit organizations in Calgary ranging from Alberta Children’s Hospital and Children’s Cottage to the XV Olympic Winter Games and Junior Achievement.  She has an MBA and BSc in Psychology, both from the University of Calgary. E:


Walter Hossli

Changemaker in Residence

An MRU Alumnus, Walter took Momentum from a start-up to an award-winning organization with 20 programs and 4000 participants per year. After 15 years in the private sector, he studied social work before entering the community sector.  Walter serves in a number of volunteer capacities and has played key roles with several large collaborative or sector initiatives. For example, since 2003 he has been an integral part of Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC), an organization dedicated to sustainable poverty reduction through the involvement of broad citizen and sector participation.  VCC has succeeded in elevating the City’s role in addressing poverty. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of The Calgary Foundation since 2010 and, as of 2015, on the Board of the Canadian CED Network. He wrote “Competition in the Voluntary Sector: the Case of Community Based Trainers in Alberta” published by the Muttart Foundation.  In addition to his leadership work in Canada, Walter regularly volunteers his time and knowledge abroad in Africa and Central America.  In 2011, Health Nexus and 3M Canada recognized Walter as a finalist for the 3M Health Leadership Award, acknowledging outstanding community leaders across the country who have enhanced their community through dedicated contribution and inspiring change.


Affiliated Faculty

  • Yasmin Dean, Associate Professor, Department of Social Work and Disability Studies, Faculty of Health and Community Studies (main research/teaching interests - international education, including cross-cultural and Indigenous practices, community development)
  • Ray DePaul, Director, Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MRU (main research/teaching interests include entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, fundraising, startups, mentoring, social enterprises)
  • Patti Derbyshire, Chair, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, Bissett School of Business (main research/teaching interests - human-centered design, cultural marketing, community-driven entrepreneurship, new media)
  • Wendelin Fraser, Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, Bissett School of Business (main research/teaching interests - social enterprise & community purpose organizations)
  • Roberta Lexier, Coordinator, Cluster 3 (Community and Society), Department of General Education (main research/teaching interests - social change and social movements)
  • Jennifer Pettit, Department Chair, Humanities, Faculty of Arts (main research/teaching interests (main research/teaching interests - Canadian history and government policy pertaining to First Nations)
  • Mike Quinn, Director and Talisman Energy Chair for Environmental Sustainability, Institute for Environmental Sustainability, MRU (main research/teaching interests - interdisciplinary approaches to complex social-ecological problems, ‘resilience' analysis). 
  • Katharine McGowan, Assistant Professor, Social Innovation, Bissett School of Business & Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo (main research/teaching interests - social innovation history, Canadian history, Indigenous history, Indigenous social innovation, social innovation labs)
  • Catherine Pearl, Assistant Professor, Social Innovation, Bissett School of Business (main research/teaching interests - social enterprise, cooperatives, nonprofit management, marketing)