Employment Preparation

Employment Preparation Certificate


Employment Preparation Certificate

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Students in Action

During the assessment process and through a variety of in-class assignments, students explore their values, interests and abilities. Students use this information to determine their top job choices. Program staff assist students to find a job as close as possible to their interests and abilities, but job matches also depend on job availability and the economy.

List of positions recently attained by TVP students:

  • auto wrecker
  • baker's assistant
  • cashier
  • change room attendant
  • Child Care Worker I
  • cleaner
  • clerical support
  • courtesy clerk
  • delivery assistant
  • dishwasher
  • electronics disassembler
  • food court worker
  • food prep
  • gas jockey

  • greeter
  • janitorial
  • library assistant
  • magazine distribution worker
  • merchandiser
  • office worker
  • pet store assistant
  • recycling assistant
  • seniors' care activities assistant
  • service clerk
  • shop assistant
  • stock technician
  • stocker / customer service
  • swamper