Community Service Learning


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Community Service Learning is recognized by more than forty Canadian Universities as a teaching and community outreach strategy that integrates community engagement and active reflection with academic coursework. Designed to promote meaningful interaction between education and society, this process links classroom learning to the real world. Research has verified that students engaged in service-learning develop cognitive and communication skills, as well as citizenship behaviors. In addition to being an interdisciplinary pedagogy, CSL offers scholarship opportunities for faculty.

The Academic Development Centre (ADC) is collaborating with Victoria Calvert, Professor in the Bissett School of Business, to offer CSL workshops for MRU faculty. Recognized as a High Impact Practice, CSL offers a teaching pedagogy for experiential learning that impacts both the student and the community, and which reflects the MRU Academic Plan.

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CSL Basics:

Victoria will review the CSL methodology, and provide examples from varied academic disciplines. We will discuss common CSL models, the factors to consider when selecting a community partner, and a brief introduction to assessment strategies. Support for faculty pursuing CSL courses will be discussed, and the new ADC CSL website and other resources will be introduced.

Please call the ADC to inquire regarding the next available session.

CSL for International Field Schools:

Co-sponsored by the ADC and the Department of International Education, this is a hands-on session for faculty who have led, or want to lead, international field schools with a CSL component. The CSL constructs will be reviewed, and Victoria will discuss CSL activities and assessment strategies for proposed field schools.

Please call the ADC to inquire regarding the next available session.

CSL Research:

Strategies for designing CSL research projects, a review of ethics implications, and publication opportunities will be discussed. Victoria will share research trends and highlight presentations from
the International Association for Research on
Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) conference .

Please call the ADC to inquire regarding the next available session.

Please email Victoria Calvert with questions about these sessions or to book an individual appointment:

Register online at: or contact the Academic Development Centre (ADC) at: or 403-440-6042