Faculty & Staff

Here, you can find information about the processes and procedures within the Office of the Registrar as they relate to your daily work at Mount Royal. 

The following are the key functions within the Office of the Registrar:

  • Registration
  • Financial Aid
  • Scheduling 
  • Student Awards
  • Student Records
  • Curriculum 
  • Convocation

Should you have questions about the information below, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions and/or contact the relevant service area. 

Forms for Faculty & Staff

Resources for Faculty & Staff

Referring Students to the Office of the Registrar

Many services offered by the Office of the Registrar are available online and can be accessed by students anywhere, anytime. We encourage students to start here.

If a student wishes to go in person, the Office of the Registrar uses QLess, a virtual queuing system accessible via smartphone. With QLess, students can grab a bite to eat, work on homework, or catch up with their friends while waiting to speak with a staff member.

To issue digital credentials and documents, MyCreds™️  is used. Find out more.