Campus Life

University life has both study time and time to explore. Sure, you’ll work hard, but university is more than books and exams. Show your Mount Royal pride At a Cougars game, join a club, and attend unique events all on campus. From New Student Orientation to the Crowchild Classic and arts performances, you’ll find meaningful experiences that will define the next chapter of your #MRULife.
Get connected


Find your kind and get involved with a club or society! Clubs can be academic, social, representational or cultural. The Students’ Association has over 75 clubs that meet throughout the year and host social events, fundraisers, celebrations and more. Join a club to explore your interest in photography, music, board games, Super Smash Bros, Rugby and everything in between, while developing valuable friendships and leadership skills.


Few things feel better than celebrating as a team. Get active by joining an intramural sports team. You can sign up as a team or as a free agent with any skill level. Intramurals are a great way to connect with new people while having fun. 



Keep up to date with all activities and events through the SAMRU Event Calendar and the Mount Royal University Event Calendar. You should have already added the critical dates calendar to your Google Calendar by clicking the “+” button at the bottom of the image

Peer Support Centre

The Peer Support Centre (Z210) is in the Students’ Association and provides peer-led services to support students. Ranging from financial supports, free breakfasts or a friendly ear to chat with, the peer support center is a great place to get connected.



mental health

 A wide range of personalized health services are available on campus to help support your success. We strive to create a safe and vibrant learning environment where supporting your mental health is a priority.

Wellness Services

Wellness Services provides services and initiatives to support mental, physical, and sexual health. We have doctors, mental health nurses, and a psychiatrist on campus along with physiotherapists, chiropractors, and many other practitioners to support your well-being. Student Counselling Services, BreathingRoom, and Peer to Peer Mental Health Educators are some of the many services and initiatives Wellness Services has to support your mental health.
Student Counselling

We know university can be an exciting, yet stressful time for students. Homesickness, feeling anxious, and relationship changes are a few examples that can lead us to feel down and discouraged. Student Counselling provides individual counselling and workshops to support you during your Mount Royal University experience.


Peer to Peer Mental Health Educators

Peer to peer mental health educators (P2PMHE) are student volunteers committed to raising awareness and educating their peers about mental health and mental illness. This team engages with students through outreach events and classroom presentations to promote mental health resources. Engage with this team for Peer to Peer advice, links to supports and to participate in meaningful activities.
Physical health


Whether you crave activity to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle or use it to reduce exam stress and blow off some steam, Recreation has what you are looking for. Explore all your options including a fitness centre, running track, fitness classes, rock climbing wall, aquatic centre and squash courts to help keep you active.


The Wyckham Pharmacy has a professional pharmacist on staff that will work with your benefits to save you money at the till. The pharmacy offers prescription transferring services, medication and vaccination injections, flu shots, travel consults and more!


Health and Dental plan

If you are taking nine credits or more at Mount Royal University you are automatically enrolled in the Student Health and Dental Plans. If you have comparable coverage elsewhere, you can opt-out. For more information, visit the Mount Royal portal or visit the Student Benefits Plan Office (Z001, Wyckham House).

AthleticsEveryone in the Mount Royal community is part of the Cougars. Belonging to #Cougnation is to be connected to a tight-knit family of people who learn, work and play hard. Attend a Cougars’ basketball, hockey, soccer or volleyball game to support our talented athletes and wear our colours with pride.

Cultural and spiritual supports

As an inclusive institution, Mount Royal celebrates and encourages students from all spiritual and cultural backgrounds to practice and explore the resources and spaces on campus.

Iniskim Centre

The Iniskim Centre is open to everyone and offers programs and services to increase the engagement and success of Indigenous students while raising awareness of Indigenous peoples and cultures. The centre offers programming and events as well as provides smudging opportunities and sharing circle. We strongly encourage all new students to attend speakers series, workshops or events to develop a deeper understanding of our history in Canada and responsibility to repair relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples of Canada.

Chaplains/Prayer spaces

MRU has a team of volunteer chaplains representing a variety of faith traditions to help students throughout their university journey. The Meditation Centre (W201) is a separate space, available for you to use for prayer, reflection and meditation. This safe and inclusive space is open to all students. Friday Prayers are held on campus along with the use of Ablution stations.


Cultural Inclusion Centre

The Cultural Inclusion Centre (Z203) is in the Students’ Association and provides a space for students to share their experiences and learn what it means to be human in a global context. The center hosts regular cultural and Indigenous inclusion programming.

International Student Support CenterThe International Student Support Center (ISSC) is peer driven and provides a space for International and exchanges students to connect. The center provides information about campus activities and services. In the center you can practice language, study and connect with students from Canada and across the globe.

Advocacy and support

As a student, it is important for you to know and understand your rights and responsibilities to avoid any misconduct. The Student Advocacy Office provides confidential support and options for individual students experiencing both academic or non-academic advocacy concerns and questions.

Dating, Domestic and Sexual Response

The  Dating, Domestic and Sexual Violence Education and Response Specialist provides support and addresses the needs and concerns of those impacted by dating, domestic or sexual violence. We assist survivors in finding healing and understanding options while promoting a community of consent, care and respect.


Security Services respond to alarms and accidents, provide emergency first aid and respond to unusual activity on campus 24/7. Your safety, and ensuring a safe and secure learning environment is our main concern. SAFEWALK is available any time to escort you to your car, bus stop or to and from campus buildings.

Access and Inclusion Services

Access and Inclusion Services works to create an accessible learning environment that encourages full participation in academic courses and campus life. Reasonable accommodations are tailored to the individual, flexible and are determined by considering the barriers within the unique environment of a post-secondary institution. It is important to register with Access and Inclusion Services as early as you can by completing the Public Request form here.

The Office of Safe Disclosure

Safe Disclosure provides confidential support for individuals with questions, concerns or complaints involving discrimination, harassment and accommodation.

Career and development opportunites

Resume critiques

The most important piece to landing a job is ensuring you have no errors on your resume. Our helpful team at Career Services will provide feedback on your resume and help you develop a strong application when job searching.

One-on-one appointments

If you need more advice and one-on-one support, book an appointment at Career Services to explore your skills and identify career paths. Our career professionals will also support you in preparing for interviews and developing job search strategies.

Working on campus

There are student employment opportunities available to you at Mount Royal. The Cougars Campus Store, Residence and even the Child Care center employ students. The Students’ Association also has positions for students available. You can explore more here

Outbound Exchange 

Take your learning beyond borders! International Education offers a wide variety of opportunities for Mount Royal University students to study abroad.