At Mount Royal University, we want you to focus on your studies, not on paying your bills. We also want to recognize your hard work and academic achievement. With an abundance of scholarships and bursaries available to Mount Royal students, it pays to apply.
Scholarships and bursaries

What is a scholarship vs. a bursary?

  • Scholarships are awarded for academic achievement.
  • Bursaries are awarded based on financial need.

It's not always about grades. There are many awards that also look at your extra-curricular activities.

Types of Awards
Entrance Awards

If you are entering a degree, diploma or certificate program, you may be eligible for entrance awards. Find more information on eligibility and criteria at

How to apply for entrance awards

Step 1 - Apply for early admission at
Step 2 - An MRU student ID number is required to apply for awards. Your ID number will be sent to you by email
Step 3- Apply for scholarships and bursaries from Nov. 1 to Mar. 1, prior to the September you will be attending

You will be notified by email through your MRU email if you are being offered any entrance awards beginning in April and through the spring and summer. If you are offered an award, it will be placed on your student account and applied towards your tuition.

In-Course awards

Once you are enrolled at Mount Royal you may be eligible for an in-course award. You apply online from November 1 to March 1 at

External awards

You may qualify for awards offered by other organizations. External award websites, as well as award opportunities, are posted regularly at

student loans

Student Loans

You can begin applying for your government student loan in early June. If you are a resident of Alberta, you can apply online at If you live outside Alberta, look into applying for student loans from your home province or territory.


other options

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

If you have a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) you will need to contact Student Awards and Financial Aid to complete the documentation required to confirm your student status and access your funds.

Experiential Learning Fund

The Students' Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) offers the Experiential Learning Fund (ELF) to help individual students fund personal and professional development opportunities outside their academic experience at Mount Royal University. This fund was created to help eligible students take advantage of unique learning and growth opportunities.

Other sources

Other options of funding include Canada Pension Plan - Child's Benefit, External scholarships/bursaries/awards and student lines of credit through a financial institution. Student Awards and Financial Aid will complete any documentation confirming your student status in order to access funds.

Campus jobs

Getting a job on campus is a great way to meet people, gain useful skills and help finance your education. For information on full-time, part-time and summer employment opportunities available to MRU students, visit Career Services online to learn more.


Emergencies and money troubles

If, despite your planning, you experience short-term money concerns while attending Mount Royal, Student Awards and Financial Aid can help you explore your options and discuss your next steps.

Depending on your situation, you may qualify for one of the following sources of emergency financial assistance:

  • Mount Royal’s Emergency Bursary from Financial Aid or the Students' Association of Mount Royal University Emergency Student Funds
  • Food support: SAMRU offers a variety of Food supports including providing free breakfasts, food bank referrals, care cupboards (food and personal hygiene supplies) in addition to programming such as food drives, the Good Food Box and a mobile grocery store.
  • Free legal clinic

Questions? Financial Aid can help you with any questions you have regarding your funding. Email, call, or come by a wicket near Starbucks on the way to EB.



You only have so much money, so to help you make your dollars go further please review our online resources on budgeting, information on student discounts, techniques for money management and forms of relief for emergency funding.

You can figure out your budget based on your program of choice and personal expenses by using our budget calculator.