Register & pay


Before you take your classes, you first need to learn how to register and pay for them.

When can I register?To find your registration access date, go MyMRU >  Register & Pay > Before You Register > When can I register? > Select a Term

The date that you can register will change throughout your time at Mount Royal. The more credits that you accumulate, the earlier you will be able to register. Upcoming dates for when registration opens can be found in our critical dates calendar.
How do I register?Step one: Read your program advising guide to find recommendations for your Major and General Education courses.

Step two: Identify courses you would like to take based on the recommendations included in your program guide. You can use the Academic Calendar to find brief course descriptions.
Step three:  Access your schedule of classes through your MyMRU account > Register & Pay > Register > Look up courses. Use this tool to plan and register for your courses and always register early for the best course selection. For a complete overview of your program requirements, consult mruGradU8 or the Academic Calendar

Meet with your advisor if you have questions about what courses you should be registering in. If you still have questions about registration, visit our online resources or contact Credit Registration at 403.440.3303 or


After you are finished registering for your classes, your fees must be paid by the fee payment deadline.

To find your account balance, login to MyMRU > Register & Pay > Pay fees > Detailed fee information.
How to pay for your classesThe easiest way to pay your fees is through online banking. Here are two ways to make an online payment:

Online banking

  • Logon to your bank website (i.e. TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank etc.)
  • Add ‘Mount Royal University - Tuition’ as a new payee (name will vary from bank to bank)
  • Enter your MRU student ID number (201XXXXXX) as your Mount Royal account number

Online credit card payment (Visa and MasterCard).

  • Logon to
  • Enter your email address to set up your account
  • Select Mount Royal University as a payee
  • Use your MRU student ID number as your Mount Royal account number
  • Note: Plastiq charges a platform fee to your credit card.

Allow two to three business days for your payment to appear on your MyMRU account. You will not be de-registered from your courses, provided that your payment is received on the fee payment deadline.

Student Loans

In order to use your loan to defer your tuition, you must confirm with Student Awards and Financial Aid office,  prior to the fee payment deadline, that you will be receiving government funding.

Once a loan is signed by the University, you will receive an email to your mtroyal account specifying the amount that will be sent to Mount Royal. Payment of fees for any courses that are then added (e.g. waitlist or program adjustment), are your responsibility. If any fees remain outstanding on the fee payment deadline(s), you will be deregistered from all classes. Make sure to check MyMRU> Register & Pay> Detailed fee information, to ensure that the amount requested is enough to cover your entire tuition.

If you have not been approved for a student loan, but have submitted an application for government funding, it may be possible to have your tuition conditionally deferred by contacting the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office before the first fee deadline.
For more fee payment options, visit


Login to MyMRU > Register & Pay > My course schedule. Enter the first week of classes into the ‘Go to’ box to see if you have any courses starting that week. Then select the Next Week option to see the second week of class which should have all your courses listed.

Tip Icon - Welcome Guide  Tip: Take a screenshot of your course schedule to always have on hand.





Take a look at the note section at the bottom to see if a lab or tutorial is required for your course. If there is one noted, add it to your schedule at the same time that you add your lecture.

There are several options available that allow you to create a schedule that works for you. Most classes are offered in two-day blocks as MW (Monday and Wednesday), TR (Tuesday and Thursday) or WF (Wednesday and Friday). Others take place just once a week and some are offered at night.

Tip Icon - Welcome Guide  Tip: Flexibility is one of the many benefits of being able to plan your own schedule. If four-day school weeks sound like your thing, your schedule may make that happen! Work during the day? Plenty of night class options are also available.

When to pay for your classesIt is your responsibility as a Mount Royal student to be aware of important dates and deadlines. Add these critical dates to your calendar by clicking on the plus sign that can be found on the bottom right hand side of the Critical Dates page.
What happens if I don’t pay by the deadline?There are two fee payment deadlines in the Fall semester and one in the Winter Semester. If you are registered and do not pay your tuition balance by the first fee payment deadline, you will be de-registered from any course(s) you are registered in, charged a re-registration fee and will have to build a new schedule if you wish to re-register.

The final fee payment deadline aligns with the last day to add/drop courses from your schedule for the semester. After the final fee deadline for each semester you are financially responsible for all courses on your schedule. If an outstanding balance remains after the deadline, you will be de-registered from your classes but will have the opportunity to re-register into all of the courses on your finalized schedule before the reinstatement deadline. You must pay your outstanding balance and a re-registration fee before you are eligible to re-register into your courses.
Finalizing your scheduleThe first few days of the semester, you will have the opportunity to attend classes and decide if they are the right fit for you and your academic plan. It is possible to add and drop classes during this time. If you choose to adjust your registration by the add/drop deadline, you will receive a full refund of your tuition (less the non-refundable deposit). 

WithdrawalAfter the add/drop deadline, you will have the option to complete the course, or to withdraw from it. Course withdrawals are not eligible for tuition refunds and a W will be recorded on your transcript. A W will not negatively impact your GPA.

Where do I find my ID number?Each Mount Royal student is assigned a unique ID number. This number will be on your Campus Card. If you don’t have your Campus Card, you can find this number on your acceptance letter or you can call Credit Registration at 403.440.3303.
What program am I registered in?Log into MyMRU > My Program> Student Academic Profile
When do semesters run?There are four semesters in the year. The Fall and the Winter semester have the largest selection of classes, but you can take courses all year long at Mount Royal.

Fall semester - Sept-Dec
Winter semester - Jan-April
Spring semester- May-June
Summer semester- July-Aug