Lab Essentials

Lab conduct

Inappropriate use

Please read the Acceptable Use of Computing and Communication Resources Policy. Chatting and using any messaging services are not allowed on the network.

  • After hours access to teaching labs
    Lab access will be granted to students who are enrolled in a course which requires lab use after regular hours. Students must provide the Security Operations Office (X200E) with a copy of their class schedule which validates course enrollment and the need for lab access. The student's OneCard will be given clearance for specific lab use after hours.

  • The username and password for MRU sites/online services:
    The username and password that is required to log into the computer labs, access Blackboard Courseware, access  email and the University wireless network is the same username and password you used when you activated your MyMRU account. If you do not know what your username and password is, please see the How do I log-in to MRU Computers? tutorial.  If you have difficulties accessing Student Web Services or the mruGradU8 from outside MyMRU, contact the Registrar's Office at 403.440.3303.

  • Leaving computers unattended:
    Ridell Library computers left unattended or are inactive for twenty minutes will be logged off and shut down. Enabling their use by other students as well as saving power. All other computer labs and classroom PC's will log out and shut down after 3 hours of inactivity. Students can override the shut down by moving the mouse or touching any key on the keyboard at the warning prompt.

  • Shutting down university computers:
    Please note that all university computers will automatically shut down at midnight everyday. Exceptions would be those Labs with designated open/closed times. i.e. the Ridell Library. Students granted After Hours access can override the shut down as long as they remain active.

  • Saving your work:
    Any work that you do not save directly to your H: (home) drive will be lost when you log out. See Saving your work for detailed suggestions and information on storing your work.

  • Food and drink:
    You cannot eat in the computer labs. Drinks must be covered and placed under your desk or at designated tables. Spilt food and drink cause expensive damage to computer equipment. It is every student's responsibility to treat the equipment with respect.

  • Remember to log out when you are done:
    Failure to logout gives other users access to files on your network drive and printing funds. Always log out when you are finished using a computer.

  • Need help to set up your laptop for wireless?
    Your MyMRU username and password are required to log in to the University's wireless network (we recommend you use MRSecure, as it gives access to MyMRU, BlackBoard etc.) . If you are experiencing trouble accessing the wireless network on your laptop, visit the IT Service Desk (E251) for help.

  • Plugging your personal/rented laptop into the MRU network:
    Personal or rented computers cannot be plugged into the university network. If you require network access connect via wireless