Email & Calendaring

Mount Royal uses GSuite

All MRU employees and students use Google for both mail and calendaring purposes. To access your Gmail account simply navigate to or click the MRU Gmail link on MyMRU and login using your MRU email address and password. If your personal Gmail account opens when navigating to Gmail for the first time please Sign out of your personal account before selecting the option to Sign in to your MRU account.  Use your and your MyMRU password to sign in.

Note: ITS recommends you use the Google Chrome web browser if available.  



Gmail changing to integrate Chat, Meet and Gmail

Google recently announced a new integrated Gmail experience that brings together Chat, Meet and Gmail on desktop and mobile applications. Mount Royal is transitioning to the newest collaboration product, Google Chat, to replace Hangouts. Full details are here

Chat has a modern user interface, team rooms that support better team collaboration, emoji reactions, bots to help you be more productive, and more. MRU is receiving early access to new features, such as an upgraded Gmail integration and the ability to chat with external users.

In the coming days, all users will use Chat for 1:1 direct messages (DMs), group messages, and team discussions.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get Google Chat? 

  • Explore the new Web experience at
  • Download the new mobile app for Android or iOS
  • Download the new standalone desktop app if you've been using the classic Hangouts Chrome extension or app. You'll be able to access the desktop app from a prompt that will appear inside

Where do I find my old chats?

  • You will be able to continue recent 1:1 direct messages from classic Hangouts in Google Chat, but group messages from classic Hangouts (including their history) will not be migrated to Google Chat.
  • All previous chat history from classic Hangouts will be accessible in Gmail.
  • The classic Hangouts web interface, will remain available during this transition in case you need more time to access and move certain group conversations.
  • Users can chat in classic Hangouts by visiting in a mobile browser. 
  • The classic Hangouts bot in Chat will also notify you of missed group messages from classic Hangouts.

What are the limitations of Chat?

  • Group messages from classic Hangouts (including their history) will not be migrated to Chat. Users can still access these group messages in
  • If you have important groups in classic Hangouts, we recommend that you recreate them as Rooms in the new Chat. 
  • Group direct messages and rooms that are started in the new Chat will not send messages to users who are still on the classic Hangouts apps.

What’s next? 

Once we have enabled Google Chat, you'll notice these features appearing:

  • 2 additional tabs for Chat and Rooms in your Gmail app (you might have to restart the app if you don’t see it).
  • Files and Tasks tabs in rooms will be added to GMail. Files provide easy access to project files that people have shared in a room, while Tasks allows members of a room to assign each other tasks to help with visibility into what needs to be done. 
  • There will be a side-by-side Google Docs experience to make group collaboration even easier in this new Gmail. 
  • You'll also see your upcoming meetings in the Meet tab now.

Where do I go for help?

G Suite Learning Center for more information about the new Chat.

Get started with the new integrated Gmail

You can also contact the ITS Service Desk at 403.440.6000 or email