The Payroll team processes the payment of salary to all MRU employees. Payroll functions include:

  • tracking of Professional Development Funds for faculty members
  • deferred salary administration
  • vacation and accumulated overtime questions
  • overtime and shift premium payments
  • salary changes
  • salary/wage/benefit expenses to department budgets
  • the contract processing system
  • remittance and reporting for all statutory deductions, including the issuance of annual T4's and Records of Employment
  • employment verifications
  • remittance, reconciliation and reporting of all other employee deductions

For enquiries, contact the payroll team at

2023 Tax slips and forms (T4, T2200)

Current employees: Access your slips under Tax Information in the My HR Profile section of the Employee page on

Former employees: You will need your MRU Employee ID number to access your T4 and T4A tax slips. Follow these instructions. Contact with questions about your 2023 pay information.

Please note: Due to Mount Royal moving to a bi-weekly pay cycle in 2023, your T4 will reflect one less pay period than in previous years. As the last pay period of 2023 was paid in 2024, it was not included in 2023 T4s. Your 2024 T4 will have a full year reported (26 pay periods). Contact with any questions. 

T2200 (work from home expenses) FAQ

Last updated: April 4, 2024

If you’re a Mount Royal employee who worked remotely in 2023, you may be eligible to deduct eligible home office expenses on your T1 income tax filing. Refer to CRA T2200 Form Eligibility for detailed guidance to confirm eligibility and what types of expenses can be claimed. We recommend that you seek professional tax advice before applying for home office expense deductions on your personal tax returns.

The Canada Revenue Agency discontinued the T2200 short form for the 2023 taxation year which means the temporary flat-rate method for work-from-home expenses (and the T2200S) available for 2020, 2021 and 2022 no longer applies.

T2200 eligibility
To be eligible to submit a T2200 form for your 2023 taxes, you must be required to work from home. Participating in MRU’s Hybrid Work Trial in 2023 fulfills this requirement. In addition, you must answer yes to the following:

  • You mainly did your work as an employee — more than 50% of the time — in your home for a period of at least four consecutive weeks in 2023. (Review these examples of work arrangements for guidance.) 
    • Note: Being on campus three (3) days a week or more does not meet the new 50% work time eligibility requirement to claim expenses. If you are not eligible, please do not request a T2200. 
  • The expenses you claim were directly related to your work.
You will also be required to determine your home work space use and calculate your expenses.


I’m eligible. What should I do?

Complete the T2200 Request for Issuance and the T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment Form and give them to your manager. (Review an example of a completed T2200 form.) Your manager will review for accuracy, sign the Request for Issuance and email the documents to Payroll. Payroll will then complete the T2200 document employer declaration section and email you the signed copy of the T2200. Keep a copy of this completed T2200 Declaration for income tax purposes.