The Payroll Coordinators process the payment of salary and wages to all MRU employees. Payroll functions include:

  • tracking of Professional Development Funds for faculty members
  • deferred salary and four-for-five leave plans
  • vacation and overtime tracking
  • overtime and shift premium payments
  • attendance tracking and absence reporting; salary changes
  • salary/wage/benefit expenses to department budgets
  • the contract processing system
  • remittance and reporting for all statutory deductions, including the issuance of annual T4's and Records of Employment
  • employment verifications
  • remittance, reconciliation and reporting of all other employee deductions.


For general inquiries employees can contact . For specific inquiries related to employee pay issues your Payroll Coordinator is available to assist.


Jeannette Jones HR Systems & Payroll Manager 403.440.6757
Karen Hatch  HR Information Management Analyst 403.440.6693
Coco Dong Payroll & Benefit Analyst (on leave) 403.440.6314
Adina Novasat Payroll & Benefit Analyst 403.440.6314
Truc Nguyen Payroll Coordinator  403.440.6141
Irina Plamadeala Payroll Coordinator: Alpha A - G 403.440.7295
Susan Bailey Payroll Coordinator: Alpha H - O 403.440.6085
Lilly Barrett Senior Payroll Coordinator: Alpha P - Z 403.440.6756
Richard David Payroll Administrator: A-Z Casual Payroll/General Inquiries
Janice Cooper Payroll Administrator: MRFA Professional Developement (on leave) 403.440.6481
Baoyi "Bonny" Huang Payroll Administrator 403.440.6465

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