Benefits and Pension

Benefits & Pension

New benefits plan for Mount Royal

Beginning July 1, Mount Royal University's new benefits plan lowers costs and increases choice and flexibility for employees. There are three upcoming opportunities to be aware of:

  • Faculty open-enrollment period is from November 14 – December 13. This one time period will allow faculty to change their existing Health and Dental coverage and take advantage of enhancements within the new plans without the usual requirement of a life event change. Faculty can opt in or change their coverage from single to family or waived to single or family. All changes are effective January 1, 2020.

  •  Faculty can choose to buy increased optional life insurance coverage with no health exam, and can enroll between November 14 and December 13. All changes are effective January 1, 2020.

  •  Enrollment for all employees in the health spending account (HSA) and the personal spending account (PSA) for January 1, 2020 ends on November 15. If you do not make your choice with Sun Life 100% of your allotment will default to a Health Spending Account. Every year you will have a chance to make a different choice.

  •  Open-enrollment for Health and Dental and optional life insurance for all other employee groups (not faculty) ended on September 15, 2019.



Direct link to Sun Life for information regarding your Extended Health Care and/or Dental Care claims
Member Enrollment Guide
Extended Health Cost Saving Tips [pdf]
Beneficiary Nomination FAQ
New Beneficiary Form
Common Law Information for New Employees
Frequently Asked Questions regarding your benefits
Wellness Services
at Mount Royal - offering Health Services, Wellness Programming and Optimal Therapies, Employee Wellness Brochure
EFAP Information

Optional Benefits

Optional Life Insurance
Voluntary Accident Insurance Information

Critical Illness

Mount Royal University along with Industrial Alliance are happy to provide our employees with Critical Illness Coverage. If a serious illness interrupts your life, do not let worries about money get in the way of your recovery. Critical Illness Insurance will provide you with a lump-sum, tax-free benefit upon diagnosis of a covered condition.

There is a 90 day guaranteed acceptance in place for $25,000 worth of coverage for all new employees and their spouses. If you are interested, email for the Guaranteed Acceptance Application form.

You can also apply for further coverage up to $300,000 for you and your spouse. For more information and for the health forms (only for coverage not falling under guaranteed acceptance) see:

If you are leaving MRU and want to convert your Critical Illness to a personal plan please see:
Critical Illness Information

Direct Link to Sun Life for information regarding your Extended Health Care and/or Dental Care claims.

Benefits Booklets

Full-Time Faculty Benefit Booklet
Contract Faulty Benefit Booklet

New Benefit Booklets for Staff, Exempt, Management and Childcare employees will be avilable here as soon as they are provided by Sun Life.

Claims Forms

Claims Information: How to submit your claims online and when you need to submit a paper claim

Dental Care Claim Form
Extended Health Care Claim Form
Drug Exception Application Form

Travel Benefits

Information on Extension of Travel Benefits
Request to Continue Group Coverage
Sun Life Travel
If you are taking a vacation, you should know that Europ Assistance (our travel insurance provider) may suspend coverage due to conditions such as war, political unrest, epidemics and geographical inaccessibility. For an up to date list of countries with these conditions, go to before you travel.

Life Event Change

Changes to health and dental coverage, such as opting into the plan or adding family members, can be made only when you experience a 'life event change' - such as marriage, divorce or separation, the one-year mark of a common-law relationship, the birth or adoption of a child, or loss of benefits from a spouse's plan.

Because the change will affect the premiums you pay and the benefits you are entitled to, our plan with Sun Life required that you apply within 31 days of a life event change occurring.

If you apply late, in certain situations retroactive increases to your premiums may be charged to you based on the actual date of the change in your life. For example, if you get married in January but do not apply for family coverage until May, the increased premiums you pay will be backdated to January.

If you are experiencing a life change event, please contact for advice. Different situations require different information and our benefits team will be able to advise you on the required proof of change.

Common Law Relationships and Benefits
Benefits Changes at age 65, 70 and 71
Blue Cross Information: Coverage for Seniors

LAPP 101 - The Basics
Retirement Information
Retirement Checklist

Common Law Information: If you are in a common law relationship, you have to live with your partner for a minimum of 3 years in order to claim them as a pension partner (or spouse). Prior to 3 years' cohabitating, your partner can be named as a Beneficiary. For more information, please see

All permanent, full time employees must participate in the Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP). For more information, please visit Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP). Register on mypensionplan through the LAPP website so you can update your pension partner, beneficiaries and address changes. Also, you can view your length of service, salary and contributions (after you have completed one year of service). Go green and receive email notifications and pension statements. Complete pension estimates. In order to register on mypensionplan you will need your LAPP member ID, Social Insurance number, date of birth and postal code. You will find your member number on your LAPP welcome package and annual statements. If you have lost your member number, you can either call LAPP directly at 1.877.649.5277 or email

For more information on purchasing prior service, retirement or pension while on leave without pay, please contact the Benefits and Pension Advisor.
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