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Anupam Das, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Justice, and Policy Studies



On what is unique about a Mount Royal education

"At Mount Royal, we appreciate an undergraduate education and value smaller classes. As a professor, I get to know my students and spend a lot of one-on-one time with them. I include students in my research, and currently, I have two or three research assistants from my department helping me. In most universities, only graduate students work for professors. But here, students can contribute."

Anupam Das Lyon, France
Anupam Das presents his research findings in Lyon, France.


On students at Mount Royal

"Teaching is a great experience for me as well. We all have limited understandings about the world. The more I can include my students in the discussion, the more I too get different views, learning about this world and this discipline. It makes me a better teacher - a better educator."



On learning from students

"Working at Mount Royal is challenging and constantly evolving. There's a multiplicity to the roles and obligations, but I think there is an ultimate satisfaction in knowing that you're contributing to something bigger.

I do think there is a sense of greater good and that you are making a contribution to the city, the province, the country. You are helping people evolve, to find their path to a great life.

We're enthusiastic about not just training professionals, we're enthusiastic about preparing people for their next phase in life. At the end of the day, I feel really good that I have done something meaningful and that I've tried to make a difference."


On his discipline

"My discipline is economics and my primary research is on developing countries. I study immigrants from developing countries who come to Canada and how the income they send home is valued and used for growth in those countries. When I need to conduct research at Mount Royal, that's recognized and supported."

At the 40th anniversary of Paris Pride Parade.



On his colleagues

"One of my colleagues became a good friend. He's a sociologist and we were talking about statistical issues in our research. He told me about his interest in the gender gap, and we ended up publishing a number of papers together. This is the kind of thing that I really appreciate about working at Mount Royal. Not only is my work respected and acknowledged, but this place gives me the flexibility and freedom to work on the issues that I really want to work on. It does not have to be in my own discipline. It could be multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary. If you look around, there are lots of multidisciplinary clusters taking place."


Anupam Das and colleagues
At work in the Central Bank of Bangladesh, meeting with the Chief Economist and other central bankers.



On taking time away from work

"This place is flexible enough that I don't struggle to achieve work-life balance. I have time for work and time to do other things. Sometimes I need quiet time, and when I do, I go to the mountains. It's the best thing about living in Calgary - a 40-minute drive to the mountains. I just sit down in a quiet place and look at the mountains. It doesn't matter how much I'm doing or achieving, we are so small compared to these huge mountains. It makes me more humble and appreciative of life."


Anupam Das fishing

Seeking solitude in the mountain by fishing in Kananaskis.



On looking ahead at his career

"I see myself at Mount Royal for the rest of my career. My work is respected. I see the amazing things happening in this University, coming not just from the students, but also the professors and the staff. I really feel included. I belong here."


Anupam Das FM radio

At the "Good Morning Calgary" show in 106.7 Red FM Radio, speaking on the rising child-care cost in Canada.