Jazz Aviation Pathways Program

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Jazz's Aviation Pathways Program (Jazz APP) is the premiere education and training pathway for pilots in Canada. Through the Jazz APP, aviation students are provided an industry-leading education experience based on:

  • Collaborative training and curriculum development,
  • Prestigious scholarship awards,
  • The continued opportunity for top-performing graduates to transition to first officer positions at Jazz.

As a partner institution, every qualified Mount Royal University graduate of the Aviation Diploma receives an opportunity to interview for a job at Jazz.


Memorandum of Understanding and Sunwing Airlines Cadet Pilot Program

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Mount Royal University has partnered with Sunwing Airlines as part of its direct entry cadet program for Aviation graduates. Through the MOU and Direct Entry Cadet Program, Sunwing Airlines will:

  • Hire two MRU Aviation graduates through the Direct Entry Cadet program
  • Assign a representative to participate in the Mount Royal University Aviation Program Advisory Committee
  • Provide training materials and support, as determined by Sunwing, to Mount Royal University for the delivery of their aviation related programs
  • When requested by MRU, provide feedback on the program and candidate performance


WestJet Encore's Flightpath Partner Program

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Mount Royal University has partnered with WestJet's Encore's Flightpath Partner Program which provides mentorship and professional development opportunities through the use of company's facilities and access to resources such as training manuals. The partnership also provides the opportunity to qualified graduates of the Aviation Diploma who have successfully acquired their commercial license, MIFR and IATRA or SAMRA/SARON written exams to obtain a job interview. Following a successful interview, graduates will be placed in a first officer hiring pool and considered for a future ground school after meeting the first officer qualifications.



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AirSprint is Canada's premier leader in fractional ownership and private aviation. Areas of operation include Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Each year an AirSprint award is given to one graduate. In addition to other benefits, the award includes a job with AirSprint.


Porter Airlines

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Porter Airlines is a regional airline that flies in Canada and the United States. Porter offers students a mentorship program to assist students in the transition after graduation.


The Aviation Partnership Council

MRU Aviation has close ties to the airline industry that help guide the program.

Read about our Aviation Partnership Council.


Degree options

Aviation students have several options to continue with a degree program. The two year diploma courses are transferable to the Mount Royal Bachelor of Aviation Management program and the Bachelor of Business Administration program.  

Courses in the Aviation Diploma are transferable to the degree program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the United States, the only aviation-oriented university in the world. Studies can be done online through Embry-Riddle Worldwide.