Child Studies and Social Work

Social Work Instructor attended the International Federation of Social Work Conference in Vienna Austria.

Social Protection and Human Dignity

L - R: Ana Radulescu, President of the IFSW Europe; Marva Ferguson, Assistant Professor, MRU; and Dr. Rory G. Truell, Secretary-General, IFSW.Marva Ferguson recently attended the International Federation of Social Work (IFSW) European conference in Vienna. Within the framework of "Social Protection and Human Dignity," the conference focused on political changes and challenges that impact the social work profession and the society. Sessions focused on Basic Living Conditions, Migrations and Refugee, Community Services, People with disabilities, marginalized groups and minorities and the Fundamental Rights-Human Rights.

Marva presented on "I Have to Go Back Home": The Complexities of caregiving from afar, a topic that examines the experiences of Caribbean immigrants who face additional challenges shaped by systemic inequities, specific to precarious employment and the lack of access to resources and decision making. In addition to her presentation, Marva met with students in the Bachelor of Social Work program at FH Campus Wien, University of Applied Sciences, and Vienna Austria and shared preliminary information from her research "Strangers in the Homeland": The Personal Stories of Jamaican Canadian Adults who migrated to Canada as children. As part of or her PhD studies, her research examines how adults as children experienced Canada from arrival to settlement and the coping strategies in contemporary Canada.

The exchange of ideas and discussions generated at the conference will be helpful for social workers, educators and those who develop settlement and immigration policies.

Calgary will host the International Federation of Social Work Conference, July 15-18, 2020 that will explore and develop understanding that will heighten the impact of social work over the next ten years.

- Marva Ferguson is an assistant professor in the Social Work Diploma with the Department of Child Studies and Social Work.