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Introductory EDI Training

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion — in partnership with Human Resources, the Mount Royal Faculty Association (MRFA), the Mount Royal Staff Association (MRSA) and the Exempt employee group — is developing a broad-based (introductory) EDI awareness and skills building training course for all employees. 

The work on this foundational training began in the fall. We have engaged with new and existing stakeholders to identify a need to provide additional education and training in EDI — equity, diversity and inclusion — (principles, values, actions, best practices) and its intersections, to set a platform to address the unique needs of the University and its employees in this body of work.

Creation and implementation of EDI training has been identified by stakeholders across the University as a means to assist the MRU community in developing the understanding and skills required in this critical work. Training supports the goals of our office, as when we increase our understanding, we are less likely to make assumptions or generalize; we decrease the likelihood of acting based on bias or stereotypes; and we are less likely to unintentionally offend someone, miss cues, or misunderstand a cultural viewpoint. 

Next steps

Further EDI training and resources are being developed. Please refer back to this page for updates.



EDI-related workshops and educational events

4 Seasons of Reconciliation

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion 



Terms of reference

  • A glossary of terms or an adopted definition of EDI and its intersections. MRU EDI TOR is to come.