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MRU EDI Services

Here is a list of areas that support individuals and groups with their EDI concerns and other questions.

Access and Inclusion Services

Access and Inclusion Services offer accommodations and host workshops around EDI. They also have a peer group for Black, Indigenous, and students of colour to provide a safe space to discuss specific issues and opportunities.

Chaplains at MRU

MRU has a team of chaplains and faith representatives connecting to a variety of faith traditions. A full list of chaplains serving the MRU community, including their contact information.

Human Resources

MRU’s dedicated team of HR professionals is here to provide services for current and prospective employees of Mount Royal University.

Iniskim Centre

The Iniskim Centre offers programs and services to increase the engagement and success of Indigenous students while also raising awareness of Indigenous peoples and cultures.

office of Indigenization and decolonization

to promote truthful education that eradicates misinformation. to create a web of connections throughout the surrounding community that will enable students and the mru community to move back and forth to enhance educational and experiential learning. to liaise in the effort of decolonization and to respectfully share Indigenous knowledge.

Office of Safe Disclosure

The Office of Safe Disclosure provides a range of services related to equity, human rights, discrimination and other safe disclosure concerns. Students, staff, faculty and all other members of the Mount Royal community are all welcome to access these services.

MRFA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The MRFA has a long-standing commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in its member-approved mission statement.  The Association will also be engaging members in discussions on how this statement can best be updated and strengthened with respect to their commitment to EDI within the MRFA and in the wider MRU community moving forward.

MRU Injury and Prevention Clinic

Injuries happen. But pain shouldn’t be a part of your everyday life.  If you are dealing with an acute injury or one that’s been hanging around for months, we’ve got a service that can help.

MRU Injury and Prevention Clinic is a full-service, inter-disciplinary injury rehabilitation and prevention clinic. This team of healthcare practitioners promotes good physical and mental wellness by delivering exceptional care to get you back up and moving with less pain.

SAMRU Cultural Inclusion Centre

The Cultural Inclusion Centre (CIC) provides a space for students to immerse themselves in the diverse community of Mount Royal and share their experiences with peers.

The CIC is a space to learn and network while discussing the similarities and differences across cultures.

SAMRU Pride Centre

The Pride Centre is dedicated to fostering a safe, inclusive, and celebratory environment for people of all genders and sexual orientations. Services available in the Pride Centre include in-centre expertise on topics related to relationships, identity and sexual health, community support resources, a library, free prophylactics and referrals. The Pride Centre also hosts events and programs that promote education and awareness on campus.

Stepping Up

This program will equip you with the tools and understanding necessary to support yourselves and your peers when it comes to dating and relationship violence. This page is kept up to date with the most current research and media surrounding dating violence awareness and prevention in our communities.

Wellness Services

Your health and wellness matter. MRU offers a wide range of services to help support your mental, physical and overall well-being. Explore Wellness Services and find the support that’s right for you.

MRU EDI Directory

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