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Resources and support for the MRU community

Mount Royal University recognizes and understands the deep complexity and sensitivity of the violence in the Middle East that has caused immense pain and suffering to all people involved.

We have heard a multitude of perspectives, concerns, and fears from members of our community and acknowledge that this on-going crisis has deeply impacted our emotional and mental well-being. As a community, we have a shared responsibility for each other’s physical and psychological safety. We must support each other and act with compassion and kindness and we ask our community to please approach any discussions around this issue with empathy and respect.

MRU is devoted to teaching, learning and research in an environment where faculty and students are free to discuss issues using a scholarly and respectful approach. We do not tolerate or condone the use of hate speech or discriminatory actions of any kind in our community. Our commitment to inclusivity remains steadfast.

As a University we must make room for a variety of views, even when there is disagreement, as freedom of expression and academic freedom are fundamental to our mission. We remain committed to maintaining our culture of well-being while continuing to work together to create a safe, secure, healthy and inclusive community that prioritizes respectful and civil behaviour, and freedom from discrimination and harassment for all.


Campus safety

MRU does not tolerate hate and violence in any form, but we are not immune to potential incidents on our campus. We will respond with a balanced and measured approach to situations that require a level of enhanced safety or intervention while maintaining the open learning environment that MRU is known and appreciated for. Campus Security Services is actively monitoring the environment while working with community partners and the Calgary Police Service in an effort to keep our campus safe and welcoming for all.

We encourage you to download the MRU Now App, which disseminates alerts and information about events that have the potential to impact students, staff and faculty at the University.

Campus is and continues to be a place for students to come and be a part of the community and participate and access services as they have always done.


How we can help each other

Faculty are asked to provide flexibility and understanding for those students who may request in-person academic considerations as a direct or indirect result of the conflict. Students experiencing extenuating circumstances impacting in-person activities, classes, labs and/or exams and assignments are encouraged to contact their instructor.

Faculty who are experiencing personal concerns for their own safety are encouraged to discuss individual situations with their Chair and Dean. Security Services will work with affected persons, Chairs, Managers and Deans in the development of increased safety plans when deemed necessary.

We encourage MRU employees to discuss individual situations with their direct supervisor if they have concerns regarding their personal circumstances.


Community resources and supports

As a diverse community, MRU students, staff, and faculty may be experiencing personal impacts as a result of incidents across the globe. With this in mind, MRU has a variety of services and supports that are available to all community members. Should you or someone you know be experiencing personal, professional, or academic impacts, please reach out to one of the various services available here at MRU:

Support for students

Support for employees