Parking Bylaws and Fines


  • The University recognizes that at any given time there is a significant number of Vehicles on University Property. The Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta (“PSLA”) gives the Board of Governors the authority to make parking and traffic bylaws to facilitate the orderly conduct of parking and parking services while on University Property.
  • Parking is an ancillary service operated by Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) and is not subsidized by Mount Royal University unless uncontrolled circumstances occur.The fees (Appendix A) and fines (Appendix B) for parking services found within these bylaws, which may be amended from time to time, are approved by the Board of Governors on an annual basis prior to July 1st each year.
  •  All Operators and Vehicles while on Mount Royal University Property are subject to these bylaws.


  • The Board of Governors of Mount Royal University have delegated authority to Parking and Transportation Services to administer, manage, and enforce the regulations contained herein.
  • The Board of Governors of Mount Royal University, in accordance with s. 18(3) of the PSLA delegates specific authority to the Director of Business and Retail Services, or designate, to determine where parking signs, markings and meters or traffic control devices are to be placed and the duty to ensure they are so placed and that a record of the locations is kept.


For the purpose of these bylaws:

  • "Accessible Parking Space" means the reserved parking spaces designated for persons with disabilities and/or those requiring wheelchair access requiring a specific permit.
  • "Annual Permit" holder means a parking permit that is purchased by an Employee or Student for a one-year period (12 months)
  • "Appeal" means a written appeal against any penalty imposed under these bylaws.
  • “Board” means the Board of Governors of Mount Royal University.
  • “Carpool Participants” means two or more Employees and/or Students who have registered with Parking and Transportation Services who utilize the same Vehicle for the purposes of utilizing designated carpool spots as determined by Parking and Transportation Services.
  • "Date of Violation" means the date that the violation occurred as designated on the Parking Violation Notice.
  • “Designated Parking Area” means the entire driving and parking area of any area designated as a parking area.
  • "Employee" means individuals who are engaged to work for the University under an employment contract, including but not limited to faculty, staff, exempt casual and management employees.
  • "Flex Pass" means a pass issued by the Parking and Transportation Services Department for a specific date and time in which parking is valid at Mount Royal University.
  • "Hanging Permit" means a permit that is obtained from the Parking and Transportation Services Department that is displayed from the Vehicles rearview mirror identifying a specific parking validation period.
  • "Holiday" means any statutory holiday recognized by Mount Royal University.
  • "Impoundment" means to seize and keep in custody by having towed, or towing due to an alleged violation of these bylaws.
  • "Operator" means the driver of a motorized or non-motorized vehicle.
  • "Online" means using the web or a web app to pay for or to increase payment for parking.
  • "Owner" means the person in whose name a Vehicle or trailer is registered.
  • "Parking" means the halting of a Vehicle, whether occupied or not.
  • "Parking Area or Lot" means the entire driving and parking area of any area designated as a parking area.
  • "Parking Permit" means a Hanging Permit, Flex Pass, receipt from a Ticket Vending Machine, access card, sticker, or an electronic pass issued through an online parking application to indicate that the vehicle has paid, and/or is registered with the University for the purpose of parking on campus.
  • "Parking Rates" means the fees charged to park on University Property as determined by the Board of Governors.
  • "Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) " means the University department responsible for the day-to-day operations of parking services, maintenance, and enforcement.
  • "Parking Violation Notice" means a form indicating an alleged violation of these bylaws. This notice may be in the form of a non-monetary notice of infraction, a monetary fine levied against the Owner of the Vehicle, or a notice of impoundment.
  • "Patrol Person" means a member of Mount Royal University Parking and Transportation Services as designated.
  • "Pay by License Plate" means using the Vehicles license plate as a valid Parking Permit.
  • "Peak Hours" means the time between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.
  • "Primary Permit Holder" means the Owner of a Vehicle who holds a valid parking permit registered with Parking and Transportation Services.
  • "Printed Material or Literature" means printed advertisements, announcements, letters, etc., but does not include a Parking Violation Notice.
  • "Resident" means anyone who occupies a residence unit under a rental agreement with Residence Services.
  • "Restricted Permit" means a parking permit that is only valid for specific periods and specific lots.
  • "Roadway" includes a highway as defined in the Traffic Safety Act 2000 (Alberta), as well as every travelled way of open space that is open to the public, as a matter of right of way or by invitation for the purpose of vehicular traffic.
  • "Semester Permit" means a parking permit that is purchased for a one-semester period only.
  • "Service Company/Construction Company Employee" means an individual employed by a company who contracts with Mount Royal University or the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University to provide a service on an intermittent basis.
  • "Stopping" means the halting of a vehicle even shortly whether occupied or not.
  • "Student" means someone who is enrolled to a full-time, part-time, credit or non-credit program or course offered through the University.
  • "Tow, Towing, or Towed" means have a vehicle moved by a third party tow truck company to an offsite location for impoundment.
  • "Ticket Vending Machine (TVM)" means a machine that issues a receipt for the purpose of displaying payment for parking a motor vehicle on University Property.
  • "University" means Mount Royal University.
  • "University Property" means land owned, occupied or leased by the University and any buildings or structures erected on it.
  • "Vehicle" means a motor vehicle as defined in the Traffic Safety Act 2000 (Alberta), and any amendments thereto.
  • "Volunteer" means an individual who voluntarily provides a service to Mount Royal University at no charge.


  • The University shall not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to persons and/or Vehicles, including contents, while on University Property. Losses, damage and/or injuries must be reported to University Security Services.
  • Parking permits are not required for bicycles, which may be parked at no charge in open bicycles parking areas. The University provides secure bicycle parking stalls, which require a fee to be paid for usage.
  • By applying for a Parking Permit, an applicant acknowledges that they have read, understand, and agree to abide by these bylaws.


  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way in Parking Areas at all designated pedestrian crosswalks, and on roads with no pedestrian sidewalks provided they walk on the left side facing the traffic
  • Pedestrians shall yield the right-of-way when crossing a road other than at a designated pedestrian crosswalk.
  • Pedestrians shall comply with any applicable traffic directions indicated on any sign or given by any Patrol Person.


  • All Vehicles on University Property must be properly licensed and have valid insurance and registration.
  • All Vehicles parked on University Property must be registered with PTS and have a valid Parking Permit for the lot in which the vehicle is parked.
  • Applicants for a Parking Permit may be required to provide identification and proof of a valid driver’s license to establish eligibility.
  • Priority in allocation of Parking Permits will be given to full-time Employees and Students of the University.
  • Should Parking Permits be unavailable due to more demand than supply Employees and Students will be added to a waitlist and notified by their official Mount Royal University email on a first-come, first-served basis when a spot becomes available. Once notified, the person will have three business days to notify PTS of their acceptance.
  • Parking Permits shall be allocated as space permits and on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Applications for Parking Permits may be completed in-person at the PTS office, online through the University’s website, or through the University’s parking app.
  • All outstanding parking fines must be paid in full in advance of PTS processing an application for a Parking Permit.
  • Employees may purchase available Annual Permits from PTS through payroll deduction or lump sum payment.
  • Annual Permits will be automatically renewed on an annual basis unless terminated in advance by the Employee.
  • Parking Permits shall remain the property of the University until the date on which they expire and may not be sold or transferred to another individual.
  • The Primary Permit Holder may register up to two Vehicles with PTS. Only one Vehicle registered on a Parking Permit can be parked on campus at any one time.
  • Should two or more Vehicles registered under the same permit be parked on University Property at the same time the day or hourly rate must be paid.
  • Parking Permits remain in effect until their expiry date or until terminated by either the Primary Permit Holder or the University.
  • An applicant may not be issued a Parking Permit if they have outstanding tickets or if the applicant has previously shown disregard for these bylaws.


  • Parking fees and fines are reviewed annually by PTS. The University will post all current fees and fines on the PTS website.
  • In the event that a Parking Permit is lost, a Primary Permit Holder may request a replacement Parking Permit from PTS, at a predetermined rate as identified by PTS.
  • Parking Permit replacements may be issued, at no cost to Primary Permit Holders, where Parking Permits need replacement, as determined by PTS.
  • Parking Permits are issued either annually or by semester. The renewal date for each lot is established by PTS. Notwithstanding the permit renewal date, any changes in assigned parking fees will take effect on the date specified by the Board, subject to the provision that in no case will existing Primary Permit holders be given less than thirty days’ notice of an increase in parking fees.
  • Parking Permits issued part way through the year shall be prorated monthly.
  • When a Parking Permit is rescinded, the Primary Permit Holder who has paid in advance shall be entitled to a refund of one-twelfth of the annual fee for each full month remaining until the expiry date of the Parking Permit. The physical Parking Permit where applicable must be returned by the fifth working day of the month to be entitled to a refund for that month.
  • Refunds will not be given to a Primary Permit Holder if the Parking Permit is being returned during its last month of validity.
  • A person is not eligible to receive a refund for any Parking Permit that has been rescinded under article 9 of these bylaws.


  • A Parking Permit may be rescinded for the following reasons:
  • Copying, duplicating, defacing, or otherwise altering a Parking Permit.
  • Supplying false information related to obtaining a Parking Permit.
  • Displaying the Parking Permit in a Vehicle not registered for the specific Parking Permit.
  • Parking a Vehicle on University Property in a location not permitted by the Parking Permit.


  • A Parking Permit shall be deemed invalid:
  • On the date of expiration as stated on the Parking Permit, where applicable.
  • If the Parking Permit is being used outside of its permitted use.
  • If the Parking Permit is displayed in a Vehicle other than a Vehicle for which it has been registered.
  • If there have been any alterations to the Parking Permit.
  • If the Parking Permit has been rescinded in accordance with article 9 of these b
  • If the Parking Permit is reported as lost or stolen.
  • A Parking Permit may be deemed invalid if it is not completely legible.


  • Parkers utilizing the University’s parking app will use their license plate as their Parking Permit and are not required to display a Parking Permit on their dash or rearview mirror.
  • Vehicle license plates must be entered online, through the app, or at the TVM in parking facilities that are Pay-by-License plate.
  • All Vehicles parked in designated Parking Areas must display a valid University issued Parking Permit unless the parking app has been utilized.
  • TVM receipts must be visible on the dash as directed on the receipt where applicable.
  • University issued Parking Permits must be displayed as outlined on the Parking Permit and visible on the dash or rearview mirror of the vehicle where applicable.


  • Unauthorized parking in Designated Parking Areas is not permitted and may be penalized.
  • Vehicles parked on University Property, other than Residents must be removed daily and cannot be parked for a period greater than 24 hours unless authorized by PTS or Security Services in advance.
  • Security Services may grant overnight parking and must notify PTS prior to 8:00 am the following day.
  • The University has designated certain Accessible Parking Spaces for persons who possess a valid provincial permit or plate for accessible parking. Eligible Employees and Students may purchase a Parking Permit for accessible parking at the applicable lot rates. All other vehicles displaying valid provincial permits or plates for accessible parking are required to pay applicable lot rates.
  • For a short-term accessible permit, valid photo identification and a valid doctor's note indicating length of time for which the permit is required.


  • Parking Permits may be reallocated to another lot if the Designated Parking Area is required for construction or other purposes.
  • A Designated Parking Area may be temporarily closed whenever necessary for maintenance, cleaning, safety, or other purposes as identified by PTS. No Vehicle may be parked in a Designated Parking Area that is temporarily closed without the authorization from PTS.
  • A Designated Parking Area is deemed to be temporarily closed when “No Parking” signs have been erected. “No Parking” signs will be strictly enforced and any Parking Permit for such Designated Parking Areas will not be considered valid.
  • Whenever possible, any person who has been displaced by either the withdrawal of a Designated Parking Area or a temporary closure of a Designated Parking Area will be assigned other temporary locations for the time during which the withdrawal of a Designated Parking Area is in force or “No Parking” signs are in force.


  • Locations for the drop-off and pick-up of passengers have been established on campus and are marked with signs.


  • Residence parking areas are reserved on a twenty-four hour basis for Residents of the University. Residents who operate a Vehicle, while maintaining approved residence on University Property may apply for available residence parking permits and must submit proof of Vehicle ownership. These permits will be rescinded by PTS if the Resident vacates or is required to vacate residence on University Property, and any outstanding refunds will be issued in accordance with article 8 of these bylaws.


  • Any visitor (including persons attending conferences, events, and seminars), vendor, or contractor who wishes to park at a location other than in short-term parking must obtain written parking authorization through PTS in advance of parking and must comply with these bylaws.
  • Temporary visitor Parking Permits may be purchased by University departments and issued to visitors. Visitor Parking Permits are valid only when used in accordance with the accompanying instructions from PTS.
  • Companies making deliveries to the University are to use designated building loading zones and must comply with these bylaws.


  • Special parking privileges are available to members and invited guests of the Board of Governors while at the University on Board of Governors business.
  • Arrangements for special Board of Governors parking privileges are made through the University Secretariat.

18.  Complimentary PARKING

  • As determined by the President’s Executive Committee or the Director of Business and Retail Services, parking for the following University events may be provided at no cost to event attendees:
  • Events that have high visibility within the University or extended community intended to build/enhance relationships, including:
  • Public consultations;
  • Awards (Alumni, Employee etc.);
  • Convocation; and
  • Fundraising initiatives.
  • Events where the primary purpose is the recruitment or retention of students, including:
  • Residence move-in;
  • Student Awards;
  • Open House; and
  • New Student Orientation.
  • Complimentary parking may be provided for the following individuals as determined by the Director of Business Services or designate:
  • Volunteers;
  • Politicians;
  • Dignitaries;
  • Donors


  • Carpool Participants must be registered in the carpool program by completing a Carpool Registration Form found online or in-person at the PTS office.
  • Carpool Participants may be registered for up to two Vehicles at any one time.
  • The Parking Permit for Carpool Participants must be displayed on the rear-view mirror or front dash of the vehicle currently being used to carpool.
  • PTS must be notified immediately of any change in the status of a carpool. If a Carpool Participant drops out reducing the total number of remaining Carpool Participants to one, the remaining person has thirty days to recruit a new member. If a new member is not found and registered with PTS, the carpool is disbanded.
  • Vehicles parking in designated carpool spots must have a minimum of two Carpool Participants present when the Vehicle is initially parked.


  • Evening and weekend Parking Permits are available to Employees, Students, and the general public and may be purchased through PTS.
  • The hours in which evening and weekend Parking Permits are valid shall be from Monday to Friday between the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., and all day Saturday and Sunday.


  • Vehicles that contravene these bylaws are subject to receiving a Parking Violation Notice and/or Tow by, or at the request of, PTS and/or the Calgary Parking Authority.
  • All costs associated with such ticketing and/or Tow shall remain the sole responsibility of the Owner of the Vehicle.
  • Violations recorded by the University’s closed-circuit cameras may result in a Parking Violation Notice being issued to the Primary Permit Holder or Owner of the Vehicle.
  • These Bylaws are in addition to any bylaws of the City of Calgary and any legislation and regulations of the Province of Alberta regulating the operation or use of Vehicles.
  • Nothing contained in these Bylaws shall be deemed to limit the University’s remedies or actions, either at law or through other University policies, in respect of any matter arising under these bylaws.


  • A Vehicle shall not be parked on University Property except in accordance with the authorization granted by a valid Parking Permit.
  • A Vehicle shall not be parked in a designated Parking Area for which a permit is required without a valid Parking Permit for that Parking Area.
  • An Operator shall not park a Vehicle in a designated Parking Area for which that Operator has a valid Parking Permit without properly displaying the Parking Permit as specified in these bylaws.
  • An Operator shall not park a Vehicle in such a way as to occupy more than one parking space within a designated Parking Area.
  • Vehicles including but not limited to campers, trailers, motorhomes, or other like units shall not be used for sleeping or living purposes while parked on University Property unless specific approval is obtained from PTS in advance.
  • An Operator shall not enter a designated Parking Area which is controlled by a gate control device or for which payment is required other than through the designated entry way, one Vehicle at a time.
  • An Operator shall not park a Vehicle on University Property in a manner that interferes with the parking of other Vehicles or other Vehicles attempting to enter, navigate through, or leave University Property.
  • An Operator shall not park or idle a Vehicle in a drop off / pick up zone for a period exceeding ten minutes.
  • An Operator shall not park in any location in contravention of any traffic or parking sign posted for that location.


  • The University has the right to impose penalties for contravention of these Bylaws, including
  • Fines associated with parking and transportation violations shall be approved annually by the Board and implemented on May 1st.
  • Tow and impoundment.
  • Confiscation of permits/access cards.
  • Suspension or revoking parking privileges.
  • Withholding student registration access for courses and/or programs offered by the University in relation to outstanding fines.
  • Withholding transcript as requested.


  • If a Vehicle or an Operator of a Vehicle is found to be in violation of any part of these bylaws, a Parking Violation Notice may be issued by any PTS Patrol Person in one of, but not limited to, the following ways.
  • By attaching the Parking Violation Notice(s) to the vehicle in violation of these Bylaws.
  • By sending the Parking Violation Notice(s) by email to the email address registered to the Primary Permit Holder and/or Owner of the Vehicle.
  • By mail to the home address of the Primary Permit Holder and/or Owner of the Vehicle.


  • A Vehicle found to be in violation of these bylaws may be Towed and impounded at the Operator’s expense
  • A Towing fee as prescribed by the Board shall be charged by the University and shall be payable during normal business hours to PTS.
  • An impounding fee per day or any part of a day as prescribed by the Board may be charged for an impounded vehicle and shall be payable during normal business hours to PTS.

26. Dispute Resolution

  • A person may dispute the issuance of a Parking Violation Notice by completing an Infraction Dispute Form from either online or in-person at the PTS office prior to the infraction payment due date.
  • Should the dispute be denied, the original infraction payment due date will remain.


  • The Director of Business and Retail Services or designate shall act as the University’s representative for all infraction appeals relating to the Dispute Resolution process herein. Appeals shall take place within a timely manner of the Appeal being filed.
  • All appeals must be made in writing and at minimum include:
  • The date and time of the infraction;
  • Name and contact information of the appellant;
  • Appellant must be the registered owner of the vehicle in which the infarction was written;
  • Any supporting documentation relevant to the appeal being made; and
  • Names and contact information of witnesses if applicable.
  • The Director of Business and Retail Services shall provide to the appellant a reasonable date of when a decision will be made.
  • Should the appeal be denied a new infraction payment due date will be assigned taking into consideration the date the appeal was submitted and the time to levy a final decision.
  • The infraction penalty due date shall be suspended during the appeal process. Should the Appeal be denied the new due date will be the same duration of the original due date subtracting the time it took to file the Appeal from the date of a denied dispute.
  • All appeal decisions are final.

Appendix B: Fine Schedule – Effective July 1, 2022




No valid permit


No valid payment


Loading zone violation


Incorrect lot parked (exclude evening)


Overnight parking violation


Parking on roadways


Parking in a reserved stall


Parking on sidewalks or landscaping


Forged, altered physical permit


Fire lane violation


Not parking within the stall or line of space


Parking a non-motorcycle in motorcycle zone


Parking a motorcycle zone in non-motorcycle zone


Parking in maintenance area


Carpool violation


Bus zone


Accessible violation


No parking zone


Tampering with traffic control device




Parked too close to stop or yield sign



Early Payment Option


Within 10 days