Academic Strategist Program

What an Academic Strategist IS

Academic Strategists meet with students with disabilities individually, or in small groups, to instruct them in non-content based academic strategies. When working with students, the Academic Strategist will assist them in developing effective learning strategies and other skill building tools to prepare them for academic success. Some examples might be:

  • Learning Strengths
  • Time management
  • Reading skills
  • Note-taking/active listening skills
  • Writing skills
  • Test preparation/study skills
  • Memory strategies
  • Attention and concentration strategies
  • Communication skills
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills/metacognition

What an Academic Strategist IS NOT

  • A Tutor - we will help you with strategies to do your course work, but we will not teach you your course material.
  • A Counselor - we will listen to you and support your academic needs, but we do not offer counseling services nor are we considered a replacement for a counselor.
  • An Editor - we will provide input, feedback, and learning strategies during the writing process (e.g. how to use commas); we will point out errors and direct you to resources to fix problems we identify; we will help you with strategies to improve your writing, but we will not correct your papers for you.
  • An Academic Advisor - we can work with you to succeed in your courses, but we cannot suggest what kinds of courses you should be taking. We will refer you to the appropriate person to help you.
  • A Career Advisor - we cannot train you in resume writing, etc., but we can refer you to the appropriate person to help you.
  • A Financial Advisor - we cannot answer questions about your student loan or grant applications. We will refer you to the appropriate person to help you.

Is this service right for you

  • You have time to meet with an Academic Strategist regularly.
  • You are open to trying new strategies to succeed as a student.
  • You are committed to implementing the strategies suggested by your Strategist, and to trying them in your studies.
  • You are committed to working collaboratively with your Academic Strategist and will give feedback regarding the work you do together.