Funding Application Information

Student Loan Application

Go to Student Aid Alberta: to access the online applications and Full-Time Application Worksheet . This worksheet has tips to ensure you have all necessary information to complete the online application for full time students. We have provided you with an Example of how to complete an Alberta Student Aid online application

Full time students - taking 9 credits per semester, or Full Time Equivalent Students

  • Click here to open and print an Accessibility Services document that will guide you through the process

Part time students - taking less than 9 credits per semester

  • Click here to open and print an Accessibility Services document that will guide you through the process

Schedule 4 - Students with Permanent Disabilities

  • Grants for assistive technology and services
  • Print Schedule 4 and complete it as follows: 
    • Sign the front page.
    • On page 3 complete up to and including your program's start and end dates.
    • Accessibility Services staff will complete the rest of the information on pages 3 and 4.

Submit completed forms to Accessibility Services (Y201) as follows:

  • Full time students:
    • Schedule 4 with the Student Loan application ID number on the top right corner of first page
  • Part time students:
    • Completed Part time Student Loan application
    • Schedule 4

Ask for deferral of your fees (if necessary)

If you have not received your Student Loan funding by the MRU fee payment deadline, see Student Awards (E 102) to extend your fee deadline.  If fees are not paid on time your class registration will be dropped.

Let us know when you hear from Student Aid Alberta

When you receive notice of approval / award or ineligibility from Student Aid Alberta, contact the MRU Access Supports Coordinator in Y 201 as soon as possible.

What to do when you receive your Student Loan package

Your Student Aid Loan Package will look like this.

It will include:

  • 2 copies of the Alberta Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement form
  • 2 copies of the Canada Master Student Financial Assistance form
  • Instruction page
  • Page listing designated post offices to take your completed forms to


  1. Complete both copies of the MSFAA forms and take them to a designated post office for mailing (they are mailed free of charge for students). Fill in your banking information in the space provided, or attach a void cheque or a bank deposit information slip from the bank if you don't have a chequing account. Sign the forms. You only need to do this the first year you apply for a Student Loan.
  2. If you just want the disability grant(s) and not the loan, attach a letter to the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement form stating that you only want the Canada Student Grant(s) for Persons with Permanent Disabilities.
  3. Provide picture ID and your social insurance card at the post office. Your Canada Student Grant cheque will not be processed until the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement form has been sent off by the post office.

Digital Changes to Student Aid Alberta (MSFAA Submission)

Students who need to submit their MSFAA must take one of the following actions:

1.       Go to Student Aid Alberta, log in to SFS to access their MSFAA and instructions

2.       Contact the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre to have their MSFAA sent to them.

Retrieving MSFAAs from SFS/Digital Inbox

In order for students to see their mail online they are required to have full system access to SFS.  Full system access is given to students who are able to authenticate their identity by providing one of the following:

·         Two Alberta high school diploma exam marks, or

·         A cashed Alberta loan certificate number and the amount they received, or

·         An approved Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) number


Students who do not have full access to SFS are not able to view their correspondence, upload documents, or take advantage of online digital features.   It is recommended that students who have limited SFS access upgrade to full system access as soon as they are able to do so. 

If students are unable to upgrade their system access, they should contact the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre to arrange to have their correspondence and MSFAAs sent to them.  

Requesting MSFAAs from the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre

Students who are unable to access their digital inbox will need to contact Student Aid Alberta to make arrangements to have their Master Student Financial Assistance Agreements sent to them by post or email.

Student Aid Alberta Service Centre Hours of Operation and Phone Number

The Student Aid Alberta Service Centre is available Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 8:30 pm, Mountain Standard Time.

·         Phone (toll free): 1-855-606-2096, option Who to contact for assistance:

Debbie Mork
MRU Access Supports Coordinator

Student Aid Alberta
1.855.606.2096 help line toll-free
1.855.306.2240 deaf and hard of hearing

Other sources of funding:

Scholarships, bursaries and prizes

Mount Royal University Money Matters 



Talk to us about an accessibility concern at Mount Royal University