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Room EL 2100

Peer Learning Program

Learning Strategists

Hours of Operation

Fall / Winter Semester

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Spring Semester

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Summer Semester

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Our department is located on the second floor of the Riddell Library and Learning Centre (see Campus Map).



Meet the Team




Kristin-2019.JPGKristin Fulton, BA

  • Leads the SLS team in collaboratively setting the department's strategic direction to achieve student-centred outcomes.
  • Relishes family time, the outdoors, and exploring new places, experiences and ideas.
  • Takes pride in helping students improve their learning skills for success in classes now and in life after graduation.



Melanie-2019.JPGMelanie Busch
Administrative Assistant, Team Lead

  • Enjoys serving students and welcoming them into our bright space as part of the front desk team.
  • Finds joy in spending time with her family and friends.
  • Values students and helps them with getting connected to one or more of our amazing services to help them realize success in their academic journey.



Edith_headshot.jpgEdith Fung, BA
Administrative Assistant

  • Greets students with a big smile and helps them access our services.
  • Enjoys gardening, painting, traveling, and international cuisine.
  • Loves to see students benefit from our services and become confident learners.



Shelley.jpegShelley Russell, BSc
Administrative Assistant

  • Serves and supports students as part of the front desk team.
  • Relishes quiet moments of playing piano, taking leisurely dog walks and reading a good book.
  • Enjoys interacting with students and facilitating their access to our array of services and resources.



Learning Strategists


AmyOval.pngAmy Yoshida, MA
Learning Strategist Team Supervisor

  • Collaborates with talented teams to design and provide services which support student success.
  • Loves mystery books, painting, study abroad programs, teal-blue beaches, and is an island girl at heart.
  • Values people’s experiences and potential and encourages students to recognize their strengths, embrace challenges, and ask questions.



sls-profile-cory.jpgCory Willard, PhD
Writing and Learning Strategist

  • Works with students to achieve their educational and writing goals through one-on-one appointments and workshops.
  • Enjoys fly fishing, photographing birds, and providing his dog with the life she deserves.
  • Loves when students realize that communication decisions they’ve been making all along are relevant to their academic writing.



LaurenOval.pngLauren Cross, MA
Writing and Learning Strategist

  • Works with students through workshops and one-on-one appointments to help develop their writing and learning skills.
  • Sports fanatic with a love for dogs, cross-country skiing, and live music.
  • Loves Mount Royal’s focus on undergraduate education and finds joy in seeing students build their confidence as writers and critical thinkers.



Silvia-2019.JPGSilvia Rossi, MA
Writing and Learning Strategist

  • Supports students on their journey to academic excellence through one-on-one appointments and workshops.
  • Loves eating gnocchi, x-country skiing, dancing to Carlos Vives, and discovering new places through local language and food.
  • Thrives on learning and seeing others find joy in learning.



TiffanyOval.pngTiffany Doherty, MA
Writing and Learning Strategist

  • Works with students to help them achieve their standards of academic excellence by meeting with them one-on-one and facilitating ("fun!") workshops.
  • Enjoys discovering restaurants across Calgary, makeup artistry, boxing, and binge-worthy TV series.
  • Passionate about supporting students, sharing strategies that motivate and inspire them, and co-developing their skills, confidence, and capacity for independent learning.



Peer Learning Program


Salma.jpgSalma Amlani, PhD
Peer Programs Supervisor

  • Develops, implements, coordinates, and promotes the Peer Learning Program services and resources that facilitate learning and assists students in academic success, retention, and engagement.
  • Passionate about badminton, yoga, and hiking.
  • Enjoys interacting with learners and learning peers and tracking the program's impact. Loves working with the SLS team that comprises of positive and passionate individuals who support students.


Alynne-headshot.jpgAlynne Pols, BA
Peer Learning Coordinator

  • Works with Learning Peers to ensure they have all the information and tools they need to support their fellow Learners.
  • Enjoys reading, hiking, watching classic rom-coms, and visiting the dog park.
  • Loves to see students collaborate and develop leadership skills through volunteerism.



CarinaOval.pngCarina Hickey, BBA
Peer Learning Coordinator

  • Supports the volunteer efforts of Learning Peers, who consistently impress her with their leadership capacity and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Has a passion for leadership, teaching and learning, and being active.
  • Hopes to make a difference in students' lives by encouraging goal setting, coaching them through challenges, and celebrating their successes.