Optimize Your Learning

Successful Online Learning


For online learning (synchronous or asynchronous), it is crucial to have solid strategies for staying focused and connected with your instructors and peers. 
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Active Learning


Active reading and note-taking techniques will help the information you are trying to learn really stick!
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Procrastination and Motivation


Once you identify which type of procrastinator you are, you can select proven strategies for facing and managing this common challenge.
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Time Management


Identifying clear goals and examining how you use your time are first steps towards creating a sustainable time management plan and feeling more in control.
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When you understand the mechanisms behind memory, you can see why self-testing and repeated practice are such powerful techniques. 
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Taking Online Exams


Asking the right questions about an upcoming online exam is key to helping you select appropriate preparation strategies and feeling more confident during the exam.
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Learn 5 techniques successful presenters use to build your confidence and make your presentations powerful. 
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Writing icon

Find resources to help you with different parts of the writing and editing process.
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