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APA Referencing Tutorial on D2L

Whether you’re brand new to APA Style or you want a refresher, this 90-minute tutorial is for you! This self-paced tutorial covers the same content as our live workshop—why citation is important along with the basics of in-text citations and reference entries in APA Style.

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Academic Integrity


Academic Integrity Training on D2L

You’ve probably heard your instructors emphasize expectations around academic integrity, but do you have a clear understanding of what academic integrity actually is? How is it related to academic misconduct? And how does plagiarism fit in?

This 60-minute online training includes videos, sample scenarios, and questions to test your understanding. Completing this introductory training will strengthen your understanding of why academic integrity is vital to our MRU community, explain how it’s defined in the MRU policy, and help you feel more confident when making decisions related to your academic work.

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Active Learning


Active reading and note-taking techniques will help the information you are trying to learn really stick!
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Successful Online Learning


For online learning (synchronous or asynchronous), it is crucial to have solid strategies for staying focused and connected with your instructors and peers. 
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Procrastination and Motivation


Once you identify which type of procrastinator you are, you can select proven strategies for facing and managing this common challenge.
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Time Management


Identifying clear goals and examining how you use your time are first steps towards creating a sustainable time management plan and feeling more in control.
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When you understand the mechanisms behind memory, you can see why self-testing and repeated practice are such powerful techniques. 
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Taking Exams


Asking the right questions about an upcoming exam is key to helping you select appropriate preparation strategies and feeling more confident during the exam.
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Learn 5 techniques successful presenters use to build your confidence and make your presentations powerful. 
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Writing icon

Find resources to help you with different parts of the writing and editing process.
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New to university? Check out this amazing book authored by Dr. Janet Miller, professor and psychologist at MRU, for practical tips on how to successfully navigate your first year.