Peer Learning

Peer Learning Program


Looking for a fantastic leadership opportunity?

Learning Peers are MRU students who support fellow students in a variety of subjects with course-specific knowledge, study strategies, and encouragement. Student Learning Services provides in-depth training and ongoing support to ensure this is a rewarding volunteer leadership opportunity.

What does it take?
B+ or better course grade in the course you want to help with (final mark or mid-term mark if you are currently in the course), solid understanding of course material and a passion for helping fellow students.

Why should you get involved?
Gain volunteer leadership experience and a wealth of skills that will stand out on any resumé. As an added bonus, we are excited to offer a variety of tailored Learning Peer Awards each term for outstanding performance (ranging from $100 to $500), personal and professional development opportunities, great swag and social events.

How do you apply?
Fill out a Learning Peer LP Application!

Remember to log in with your email account. If you are having trouble accessing the form, open an incognito window, log in to your email account, and then open the link to the form.

Apply to help with any course except GNED,COMM, ENGL, JOUR.

Where can you learn more?

Watch the video below. You can also contact us at with any questions.

Find even more opportunities to pursue your passions and gain valuable leadership experience. Visit Student Leadership for all the details.


Need help with one of your courses?

The Peer Learning Program returns for winter 2021 semester on the first day of classes, September 9, 2021. Mark your calendar! Need a reminder? Add your name to our list and we'll let you know when the form is available.

Who are Learning Peers?
Learning Peers are students just like you who learned how to master their courses and volunteer to help to other students with their courses. They are the best kind of study-buddies, offering friendly support, a wealth of subject-specific knowledge and study strategy ideas. It's more than tutoring; it's like a personal trainer for your academic life.

Looking for more help?
Be sure to take advantage of professor office hours. Consider setting up your own study group or try out our study skill workshops and appointments with a Learning Strategist.







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