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Faculty and Student Learning Services (SLS) work together for student success in a number of ways. Below you will find tools for raising student awareness of the services available to them in SLS, ideas for encouraging students to take advantage of these services, and information on collaborating with Learning Strategists.

Add information about SLS to your course outline/syllabus.

Did you know? APA has published a new manual (7th edition). New manual = new APA rules! The Learning Strategist and Library teams have adopted the new edition (as of Winter 2020 semester), and we have collaborated to create a new MRU guide to using APA. Do you just need a quick run-down on what has changed? Take a look at this summary of key changes. If you have specific questions that would best be answered by sitting down with a Writing and Learning Strategist, please get in touch by sending an email to We're happy to help!

Winter 2020 dates to remember:
January 24 - Deadline to register for the Peer Learning Program
February 1 - Applications to become a Learning Peer or a MAPS Peer Mentor for 2020-2021 open
March 12 - Academic Success Workshops end

Learning Strategists

  • Show this slide in class.
  • Contact or visit our office (EL 2100) to request a set of brochures to hand out during class. When instructors recommend our services, it makes a significant difference to student uptake.
  • Consider offering an incentive for attendance at a defined number of Academic Success Workshops or one-on-one appointments. We are happy to brainstorm options with you! Here are some incentives instructors have used in the past:
    • a few bonus marks (e.g., 2 workshops for 1.5% each)
    • favourable consideration in case a student finishes the semester on the cusp of a higher letter grade
    • opportunity to resubmit an assignment
  • Remember, all of our workshops are free, and students do not need to pre-register. Topics include
    • academic reading, writing and referencing,
    • math learning,
    • class presentations,
    • learning and test-taking strategies, and
    • time management.
  • Encourage students who would benefit from one-on-one support to book appointments with a Learning Strategist. Students can book up to two 30-minute appointments per week - for free.
  • Adapt or co-develop customized student handouts or in-class activities to model effective academic skills.
  • Co-create program- or department-specific referencing materials. (Prior projects include NURS APA referencing and formatting guides, a HUMN Chicago referencing guide, and an online APA tutorial with PSYC.)
  • Discuss how students might interpret your assignment instructions or test questions.
  • Discuss how to embed writing or learning strategies into multi-section, core course curriculum.

Topics include:

  • Solutions to Students' Referencing Challenges: How You Can Help
  • Analyzing Writing Assignments: What Are We Really Asking Students to Do?
  • Providing Effective Feedback to Guide Student Writing
  • Developing Confident Academic Writers and Strategic Learning: Using the Passport Program with Your Students
  • Keeping Current with APA
  • MLA Refresher

Workshop registration is through ADC.

Download this summary of Learning Strategist support.

Peer Learning Program - Course Specific Support

Students looking for support from a Learning Peer can regisister for help starting on the first day of class each semester.
  • Encourage students to register early for the best chance of getting help.
  • Help them understand the program better by showing this short video in class.
  • On your Blackboard site, include a link to the online registration at
  • Show this slide in class.
  • Wondering if we have Learning Peers for your course? Contact us directly at

Do you know a strong student who would make a great Learning Peer? Suggest that they add their name to our list at

Our Learning Peers are:
  • Current MRU students in a credit program with a B+ or higher in the course(s) they support.
  • Friendly, respectful and professional leaders with strong interpersonal communication skills.
  • Facilitators of active learning who complete at least ten hours of certified training.

Do you know students who would make excellent Learning Peers?
Recruitment takes place in March of each year, but students can add their name to our contact list at any time ( Successful applicants begin facilitating sessions the following semester, after attending training.

During the fall and winter semesters, students can register with the PLP to be matched (whenever possible) with a trained peer for regular, weekly sessions (1 hour/week minimum) in their course of choice. Students usually work in small groups to review and practice course content while learning effective study habits.

Student Learning Services' Peer Learning Program (PLP) provides peer support to help students achieve their academic goals by becoming more effective self-directed learners. It also offers Learning Peers (LPs) a volunteer leadership opportunity that enables them to participate in an on-campus community while building skills necessary for success in their future careers.

Learn more at

Download this summary of the Peer Learning Program.


Mentorship Programs

Students in their last year or second-to-last year of studies can connect with professionals in their field or prospective graduate program of study to discuss future aspirations and options, develop new skills, and gain insight. The program is available to students from all credit and some occupational programs and aims to be a transformative experience for participants - students and mentors alike.

The program runs from January to June. Mentee (student) and mentor applications are open from June 1 to mid-October each year.

For more information, visit
The Mentors: Academic and Personal Success (MAPS) Peer Mentorship Program provides peer-to-peer mentorship experiences for first-year credit students at Mount Royal University. Recognizing the importance of supporting students as they transition into university, this program empowers both the mentor and mentee to establish relationships and hone their academic skills through education, culture, community and wellness.

The program runs from September to April. Mentee (student) applications are open May 1 to mid-September each year and Peer Mentor applications are open February 1 to mid-March each year (for the following academic year).

For more information, visit


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